Fashion running a blog is trendy everywhere in the international. So popular that style bloggers with a minimum of 2k fans on Instagram get paid for even a single post on their blogs. Even though blogging isn’t always visible as a critical advertising platform in Bangladesh, many new fashion bloggers are surfacing every day. Bangladeshi fashion bloggers can provide foreign fashion bloggers a run for their cash.


It is essential to observe that now, not absolutely everyone has the ability to engage with an audience, so your first step to becoming a successful fashion blogger is to be specific. Please take a while and go through many fashion blogs that are already a success, locate what they appear to like and what value they offer to their readers. You need to set yourself apart; you want your blog to stand out and be unique from the others, something to attract readers to your blog day by day, assisting you to improve your visibility online and draw more readers to your website online.

If you have got tried shopping for garments at a Bebe or Topshop keep, you’ve got possibly worn the handiwork of a Bangladeshi woman. Bangladesh is one of the principal exporters of garb to global labels inside the U.S. And London. It is likewise one of the places wherein garment factories and about four,500 of them there, are extra worried approximately earnings instead of employee welfare.

Bangladesh’s garb manufacturing enterprise centers around the city areas of Dhaka and Chittagong and the emerging Nirsingdi district. There has been a constant target of workers’ rights and honest change activists because of their substandard working situations, under-residing wages, and absence of general workers’ advantages. Just currently, a United States rights advocacy group criticized a denim manufacturing facility that furnished products to German label Metro Group for allegedly “overworking to loss of life” and 18-12 months-antique girl.

The reason, you ask? Bangladeshi style bloggers take aesthetic, elegant images of their everyday #ootd (outfit of the day) and create different outstanding content, including YouTube look books, gifs, forestall motions, and more. To be specific, they’re quite flexible in terms of providing content material. In addition, they maintain all and sundry updates on patterns trending around the world and in Bangladesh. So, if you have not been following any ‘deshi’ bloggers but, here’s a listing of the pinnacle 5 style bloggers in Bangladesh at gift:

Velvet Veins

This is a style blogger who has excellent editing abilities. She creates great YouTube content material, and if you take a look at her Instagram, you’ll notice she follows a black and white subject that is desirable to the eyes. She prefers posting more flat lays than pics and talks about her favorite merchandise, developments, and hauls. You can research lots from her beginning, from a way to take flat lay snapshots to in which you may purchase scented candles from. Brands like Apex, Noir, Urban Truth, and Skin Cafe have collaborated with her for the excellent content material that she in no way fails to offer.

Just Designs

A man aware of the distinction between cravats and ascots, yes, this style blogger is aware of the maximum unknown of favor policies and abides by way of them. This is precisely why he works as a style contributor for each Daily Star Lifestyle and Ice Today Magazine. However, if you check out his weblog, you’ll notice he prefers to maintain his identification hidden. When requested, he said that just like Sia, he prefers the focal point to be on his content material on my own. Although he would not comply with a specific subject matter on Instagram, he does present the most informative and unique content material, starting from preventing movement look books on YouTube to ‘outfit of the day gifs. Moreover, he’s the first blogger to present the most aesthetic Vlogs on his Instagram story. Brands like Zurhem, Muze, and Made in Bangladesh have collaborated with him for his impeccable fashion assertion and innovative content material. If sophistication is your fashion, that is the blogger you have to be following.



A modest style blogger who teaches anyone that you could be modest and stylish at the same time, she designs and creates her own outfits that appear no less than emblem clothes. She is also an editor for GAYA magazine (Singapore) who clearly, trusts her style understanding. She turned also featured on the duvet of the March 2017 edition of the Gaya Magazine. Not only is she becoming an increasing number popular in Bangladesh however additionally abroad. She has walked the ramp for fashion shows in Dhaka and been invited to attend the Kuala Lumpur modest style week 2016 to represent Bangladesh. As you can see, she has controlled to achieve loads in the span of a yr. Brands like Plaire, Sciroccos, and Noir did not miss the opportunity to work with Abayaholic. She has additionally labored with Japanese dressmaker Ryoko Katayama currently. So if you’re looking for modest fashion thoughts or even just ideas for clothing that stand out, this is the blogger you should be following.


A style blogger who focuses on road fashion and younger fashion tendencies; from making ripped denim a thing in Bangladesh to trying out ambitious fusions, this blogger is aware of a way to experiment. His Instagram feed is the most aesthetic of all of them as he follows a minimum topic. Guess it is from which his blog name got here. He has worked with ICE Today mag, and he too creates look books and motion pictures providing brands like Apex. Other manufacturers like Sartorial, Gentlemen’s Wardrobe, Noir, and 90’s Crew collaborated with him for his particular fashion assertion. So if you want minimum, however formidable, street style developments, then you understand who to follow now.


Another modest fashion blogger makes a specialty of a laid-returned but edgy style; her Instagram feed gives off unfashionable vibes that are calming at the eyes. And her images make mundane backgrounds appearance first-rate. She used to be a fashion creator for Aquila Style magazine (Singapore) and labored as the head of global improvement for the Islamic Fashion and Design Council. She attended the Indonesia Fashion week 2015, in which she spoke on a panel about modest fashion worldwide, and the Muslim Fashion Festival at Jakarta 2016. She has additionally been invited to the London Modest Fashion Week 2017. In addition, she used her specific individuality to launch her own slide-in-loafers ‘Aydha’ in collaboration with Lá Mode. Moreover, she has collaborated with foreign brands and designers, including Huw Roman Inc (a Japan-based apparel logo) and Lidia May (an NYC-based bag fashion designer). So if you are looking for style inspirations that are awesome and authentic, this is the blogger you need to be finding out.

Blogging can also appear clean whilst seen thru a viewer’s eyes, but quite a few works go right into a single shot. Taking the right photograph calls for an innovative imagination and proper path. Filming and modifying films take a variety of time. Writing articles calls for energetic research and determination. They are not any extraordinary than corporate content material creators and entrepreneurs. Hence, those fashion bloggers deserve some credit score for their paintings and attempt. Please do show a little love and assistance to these tough-running, ever-improving, fashion-adept bloggers.