Four Free Blogging Platforms Battle it Out – Who’s Best?


While blogging may be a profitable means to earn cash for some, for lots of us, it’s far cheaper and, with a bit of luck, an absorbing hobby. While experienced bloggers may also desire to invest in a few expert hosts, getting began with a loose web page is sufficient for many of us. Indeed, numerous writers are obtainable who propose that paid hosting isn’t even vital to your weblog to be a fulfillment. An easy concept experiment may verify this for you. For a second, it is important not to assume as a blogger or a bunch; however, as a normal internet person, an ordinary weblog reader – specifically, the form of reader you’re searching out to go to your blog. Suppose, as an example, you’re considering starting a weblog all approximately traditional cars.

A traditional vehicle enthusiast activates their PC and perhaps goes to Google and types in some seek phrases. There are probable to be many, many blogs; after clicking on some links, our vacationer will read some of them and, if certainly impressed, will possibly subscribe to them, bookmark them, or depart a remark. At no point did the weblog tourist use whether or not you had a professional-looking “dot com” URL or whether or not you have been using state-of-the-art WordPress plugins as an issue to select your website online over every other. All they had been interested in became whether or not your blog delivered the content material they had been curious about. There is a success, free websites obtainable. Can you probably make a success on any platform?


The Contenders

For this text, the writer commenced with a weblog on Posterous – a personal favorite, however, with a useful function that could help this check. By permitting auto-post on a Posterous blog, the post can robotically be reposted to a couple of blog sites; in this way, after including the other structures – WordPress.Com, Tumblr, and Blogger – four unfastened blogs with the identical underlying content material will be quickly created. The gain of the Posterous blog is a straightforward setup and posts by email. Posterous sites are clean and easy, with few bells and whistles.

Similarly to Posterous, sites on Tumblr.Com allow multimedia posting with a button’s frenzy and permit posting via email. Like Posterous, Tumblr also ambitions for easy setup and simple customization with issues, but Tumblr aggressively pushes integration with social media sites; in truth, Tumblr considers the “tumblelog” as social media in its own right, to be shared, reposted, and favorited inside the Tumblr community.

Blogger was subsequently obtained via the gargantuan Google in 2003 and regularly derided for now not getting as much attention as different Google merchandise; it’s everything you will count on from the quest engine behemoth. The cognizance is more on integration with other Google merchandise than simplicity; some menu alternatives and customization alternatives aren’t pretty entry-level. However, length does depend, and many Blogger blogs propose many community guides, not to mention there is surely the concept that, as a minimum, one search engine will crawl the pages.

Finally, there is the option of a hosted blog at – essentially, a slimmed-down version of the full WordPress product supplied without spending a dime on web hosting. Offering familiarity and portability if you do ever determine to improve the overall WordPress providing – right here it’s miles vital to differentiate between the web hosting presented at WordPress.Com and the total product at WordPress.Org – it’s miles very a lot a sandbox model of the entire development with constrained plugins and customization available.

The first check: ease of use

For the first check, ease of posting becomes the metric used to examine the websites. It is worth pointing out now that the adulthood of Web packages should imply there’s no excuse in any respect for any website to offer terrible or tough editing and publishing options; the Web interfaces must be easy and purposeful. As far as net interfaces cross, Blogger seems to have a slight lead over WordPress on the subject of ease of use, even though WordPress does have more comprehensive formatting alternatives. It is the greater alternatives that make it barely extra tough. Tumblr wins for media, nearly one click on publishing. Still, everyday text weblogs are lacking in other options and versatility, and, unfortunately, what you spot no longer usually suits what you get. I additionally found the Tumblr interfaces painfully sluggish. So a great deal for net interface comparisons; Posterous’ web interface is just as capable as any of them, but the usage of Posterous’ publish-with the aid of-e-mail feature approach Posterous wins hands down in this category, the use of the interface you’re probably more acquainted with than any other; your email program. This point is posterous.

The 2nd check: presentation

The end effects are of direction essential. Posterous sites are fairly spartan, and themes were a late addition, so the give-up result of a Posterous website is normally straightforward, minimalist, and fashionable. WordPress websites will be predisposed to search for the maximum professional but can also be widgets to the point where they’re hideous. The fact WordPress does let you add certain gadgets does not mean that you must. The Blogger websites are usually nice and have a larger number of topics to select from out of the container; it seems less complicated to find something that’s highly appealing, although, for some purpose, it’s far ordinarily Blogger. I am afraid the Tumblr websites no longer rate excessively on this location; it appears to be very tough for a Tumblr site to look pleasant. I changed now and am not satisfied with the appearance of some of the check pages posted. This factor is left to the private flavor.

The 0.33 takes a look at customization.

For the customization test, we considered what widgets are available with the aid of default. Whether or not a selected characteristic will be customized; specifically, we appeared to see if commenting conduct might be changed. Customization on each Posterous and Tumblr is limited to subject choice, with perhaps a few guide code modifications to alter the functions of the subject. In concept, Tumblr must help other customizations, along with the Intense Debate commenting plugin; however, while this writer tried it, the customization appeared to corrupt the prevailing Tumblr stylesheet (what seemed like HTML or CSS confirmed up on the page. Very likely a lacking close tag, but this test changed into beneath the guise of an entry-level person strange with coding).

The WordPress.Com selection of plugins, in all fairness, is constrained and sparse; virtually now, not the huge names you will look for on a hosted WordPress website, even though it even permits HTML-stage customizations. The widgets on offer no longer qualify for a whole lot of customization aside from extra page factors. Finally, Blogger appears extra open to customization and, actually, by way of distinctive features of the range of Blogger websites, is supported via many plugin providers. Of path, Google would like this to be the case for their very own AdSense monetization. Intense Debate hooked up painlessly on Blogger, and inside moments, the acclaimed CommentLuv turned into walking on a blogger website. If anybody’s customization might be sufficient to choose one blog host over another, CommentLuv is probable. This point: Blogger.

The fourth take a look at acceptability.

For acceptability, take a look at how we attempted to “declare” each weblog (with their default domains, which include blogname.Posterous.Com) with the large name in blogging directories, Technorati, see how the indexing engines would vary in their remedy of free blogs over hosted domain call ones. Technorati right away did not like the Posterous site URL. Even as it recognized the Tumblr and Blogger URLs as hosted blogs, there must be a considerable amount of code on these pages that left Technorati unable to inform that the pages were in English. Only the WordPress site becomes time-honored and listed without query. Likewise, a WordPress weblog seems extra perfect; it’s far from what a blog needs to appear like. This factor: WordPress.


This article set out to reply to the query “Who’s quality?” out of the four structures positioned to the test, which provided the best opportunity to succeed. However, the thing cleverly avoided defining precisely what “exceptional” truly supposed, and “a success” can mean different things to specific humans. You may also degree success in terms of visitors, monetary return, or possibly a few other shapes of contentment; the great alternative for you might be ease of use, flexibility, look, or capability to improve to a hosted answer later. The rankings above got out pretty even; I am inclined to provide Tumblr the gain of the doubt as I have seen awesome matters completed with it. Take a glance over which of the assessments above are most important to you, and let that be your guide; in short, although this writer would advise Posterous for ease of use, WordPress.Com for future upgradability, Blogger for features (relative to different unfastened services), and Tumblr for social integration. Remember what direction you pick; there may be no alternative for tough work about seeking out achievement.