10 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out


According to the Blog Herald, there are around two hundred million blogs worldwide! That is a severe amount of blogs. Now, it is said that about seventy-two million of those blogs are in China. So, an amazing element is not even within the English area of interest. Any other 50 million blogs are also in different languages, leaving around eighty million to compete against! Not that every single Blog out there’s in opposition. However, it’s miles certain first-rate if you are trying to create traffic on your web page to stand out in a sea of blogs. So, I even compiled a list of 10 things you could do to make your Blog stand out more than the subsequent ones. These tips aren’t in order of significance!

Create a favicon in your weblog. In a “Blog List” or a “Bookmark,” your Blog will stand out with its own “logo.” I don’t know about all of you. However, the first issue I look at after visiting an internet site is the pictures. One of the first pics to be proven is the Favicon. Any emblem is higher than the blank web page, a good way to show the commonplace blogger icon. This will even display in bookmarks, RSS feeds, gadgets, widgets via Blogger, etc.


Meta Tags are vital for serps as well as for browsing tabs. This will allow people to know what they’re searching for. This is the title of your weblog! I am an expert in search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) but recognize a touch from some distance. If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, you can set up widgets to do all the tagging for you. However, a few will propose that you try without the device. So select for yourself so that it will be first-rate to your weblog. One of the benefits of using a platform like Blogger is that they may be already ranking within the search engines; for that reason, your Blog may also, if you permit it to. An option inside the Blogger setup allows you to determine whether or not you need your weblog shown in the search engine listings. I have seen blogs display up inside the engines like Google for my call in a few weeks.

Add a man or woman to your weblog with a customized heritage. This benefits blogs hosted through Blogger, WordPress.Com, or hosted structures. Since everyone uses the same templates, stick out like a sore thumb by customizing your historical past with an image and a real template. In the search bar, type ‘Blogger Templates’ or ‘Blogger Backgrounds’ and discover your options. Next, add a custom header to your Blog. After I say custom, I do not mean just putting a photograph of you and yours in there. If this is all you have, it is higher than nothing. When I mean custom, I am simply getting one made with a border, photographs, your name, your Blog name, and so forth. Make it original. Make it pleasant and expert. That is one of the first things your readers will examine.

Photos communicate a million phrases! In my spouse’s words, “When I get to a website, the first aspect I do is scroll down the web page and observe all of the photographs. If I like the photos, I’ll return to the top and begin reading!” One cool factor you could do is add a slideshow to your Blog. Blogger has a gadget that can try this for you, or you could create your personal via Picasa or Flickr and embed it on your weblog.

Music can boost your website or bring it down! If you are doing a domain for enterprise functions, having a tune will decline your traffic and kill your content until your content material is about music. On the other hand, if you’ve got a weblog, this is for personal use; your buddies and family will revel in some tunes as they check out your stuff. I have embedded songs with Playlist.Com before, but there are numerous extraordinary tune gamers you may use.

Have Catchy Post Titles! Make sure your submitted titles replicate what you have got inside the content of your put-up. They have to be relevant to each other. The subsequent thing that humans observe after the pics are the put-up titles. Have the principle point of your post within the identify and make it thrilling, brief, and to the factor! For example: “10 ways to make your weblog stand out” works better than “A couple of approaches to make your blog stand out.”

Adding video to your Blog will always spice things up a chunk. Humans seem to be turning away from reading to just listening and looking. So use that netcam that came with your computer, or move and get one. Just a few pointers with a video: Make sure you have true lighting; human beings could pay attention, recognize your message, and make it short. Don’t draw out a video; typically, 1-2 minutes is long. You may even move as some distance as using a simple movie maker software and Windows Movie Maker to edit your video a bit. If you do this, include your call and end it with your Blog’s URL. The ultimate aspect your traffic will stick to! You can then add your video to YouTube, Google Video, or maybe Blogger and embed that to your Blog.

Always have thrilling, useful, and applicable content. I once heard that you could insult, make a laugh at, criticize, compliment, or tongue shower your readers, but with the aid of all methods, DO NOT BORE THEM! Get private with your readers without giving out your social security wide variety, bank money owed, and home deal. The extra your Blog, the higher your writing talents will get.

Interact together with your readers. Relate, deliver recommendations, ask for advice, and engage. This will do a range of offerings to your Blog; however, the most important bring go-back visits and constant readers who experience they have fairly possession of your Blog. That is the best thing that may happen. They, in turn, will endorse your Blog because they have contributed. Leave feedback on different blogs, mainly those who’ve left remarks on yours. Answer emails and feedback as often as possible, and Do What You Say You Are Going To Do! If you say you will write a submission on a certain subject, do it!