Building a Successful Blog


What important additives ought your blog must make sure it performs at its most capability? We are coming close to the end of “The Right Foundation to Build Upon” phase of our collection, Building a Successful Blog. This a part of the collection is wherein I need to awareness some of our interest in only some of the layout elements of your weblog.


These are some of the critical components I feel they’re a need for building a successful weblog. Most, if no longer, all come from my own reports over the past four years. And some are the ones additives that I received from my fans on Twitter once I ask them the equal query. I realize you are asking yourself, “why are we talking approximately this right here?” One, because I need to. And, before you even begin the layout manner, you have to know what you need for your design. Knowing this could make the initial design method run smoother. And you and your layout firm will appreciate the truth you notion approximately these gadgets now and not in the middle of the manner.

1. Search Option

One of your desires as a blogger is to preserve your readers to your weblog. You need them looking at and reading as tons of your content as you could get them to read. And if they can’t locate it, they’re going to move look for it someplace else. To help your readers find what they need, offer a search field someplace closer to the top of your blog. Most if no longer, all the blogging platforms can feature this on your blog if you are a do-it-yourself type of individual. Make sure you include it. If you are operating with a layout firm and if they’re any top at all, they’ll encompass this for you without you having to ask.

2. Contact Information

Even if you do not provide them with a physical deal with or a cellphone range, you need to have some manner on your readers to contact you. I do this in several approaches. There are instances when I would possibly encompass my email address in a publish so our readers can contact me approximately a particular published if they want. The most important issue we use to provide our touch statistics is our Contact Page.

On my Contact Page, I offer my physical address, the social media/networking offerings I use, and there is additionally a touch shape. The touch shape involves my electronic mail when it is snuffed out through a vacationer. If you’re a commercial enterprise or an expert carrier company, how can your readers contact you? Please make certain you offer them as many methods as you may. One of your goals as a business or company is to seize feasible leads. Give yourself away to try this.

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3. Call to Action

Working right alongside the “Contact Information” mentioned in #2, you want what is referred to as a Call to Action. Again, if you are an enterprise or a courier company, isn’t one among your goals in your advertising application to seize leads? A call to action will help you do that. It would help if you provoked your readers to touch you, get expenses, sign up or buy from you. A call to action can be a decide-in for an unfastened ezine or newsletter you are providing to your readers. Or it can be as simple as a short shape for them to request information about a brand new product you bought. The ways you can use a “name to action” are absolutely never-ending. In addition, if finished properly, you are building a listing of people who have opted-in to get hold of information from you. Take gain of this tool to further your advertising efforts.

4. Subscription Options

This is any other one of those components that need to be towards the top of your blog and easy to find. Make it clean and smooth for your readers to both subscribe thru RSS or Email. Why each? Because there are nonetheless some, who don’t know about RSS, not to mention recognize it. Everyone knows what electronic mail is. We provide both alternatives on all of the blogs we layout for our customers. And I do not care which one our readers use. The key here is to make certain it’s far very seen and smooth to enroll in. And do not place a whole list of these subscription option buttons on your blog. First of all, they may be cheesy, and you do not want them. If you use the frequent button and burn your feed via one of the feed offerings, they will get the option they want.

One issue we also do is offer a link to a quick video explaining what RSS is. Even with such a lot of people analyzing blogs, the use of an understanding of RSS continues to be not what it has to be. This is why you have to include something explaining what RSS is and how they might use it.

5. Categories (Your weblog’s Index)

The classes which you need to have on your weblog are your blog’s index. This segment in your sidebar needs to be in the direction of the pinnacle, so it is easy to locate. And you have to try to restrict your categories to no more than 20. (Yes, I recognize we’ve too many on Blog For Profit). Each weblog post has to have a class assigned to it. (One category is pleasant. If you must assign extra “tags” on your put-up, use Tags and not more than one categories). This, in flip, will permit your readers to find the one’s topics by using the types as a person would use an index or even a table of content. Also, whilst someone is looking for statistics on a blog, they’re maximum probably going to use the kinds much like an index. They will use categories before they may use an archived calendar, so I am now not a large fan of archive calendars on a blog. I assume they’re a waste of space.

Some bloggers have their classes in their footer or at the lowest of the page. This is best if your blog is nicely installed and you’ve got 1000’s subscribers. However, please place them in the sidebar for a newer blog so that they can be easily located. Using categories is some other way we will keep our readers on our blogs longer. They may not only read the original submit which delivered them there. They may also hunt for another post on that subject matter or a distinct one by using your categories as an index to discovering the ones others put up.

6. Services or Products Page


Even though we mentioned a Service Page in a previous submission, I feel it is worth mentioning a 2d time right here. I feel a product or service web page is essential, and it’s far a vital factor of your blog. Make it clear and smooth for your readers to parent out what you do or sell. This is your opportunity to tell your target market what you have to provide them. Granted, you’ll be setting up weblog submit at some point of the week. And a number of them will most probably talk about your services or products. However, those blogs publish aren’t “static” pages. They circulate down the page till some point in time they disappear off the front web page. Your product or service web page is one of those critical components, which is likewise a “static” page.

Make it easy to locate. Please put it in your tab navigation and/or within the sidebar. This may be your agency or firm’s brochure. Don’t pressure your readers to play a guessing recreation trying to figure out what you do. And in case you are going to apply a “Page” for this, put your touch records there and a contact form too. Keep your goals in mind as to why you’re running a blog. I will almost wager you; it’s miles to construct a relationship with those readers and optimistically to have them touch you to shop for your service or product. Give them what they need to recognize approximately what you do or promote.

7. Relevant Content

This is a no-brainer in my view. If you aren’t imparting your traffic with applicable, up-to-date content, why could they ever come to be regular readers? They might not. Your traffic will move to some other place to discover the answer to their questions or an option to their issues. The secret is this. If you don’t have desirable, up-to-date, relevant content, all of these other components we’re discussing here and within the next post will now not count at all. Your visitors will not come returned, and your weblog will actually fail.