How to Find a WordPress Theme That Works


A blogger once asked me how he can discover a WordPress theme that works because he does not have the skills or cash to create a WordPress topic. Sometimes selecting a WordPress topic is like deciding on your outfit. What you put on represents who you’re and the image you want to give to the sector. Often myself sorting via my closet, trying on ttofusion of different outfits and apparel combinations. Somehow I can by no means find the outfit this is simply proper, and I waste time constantly changing because I don’t know what form of “appearance” I need. Often WordPress bloggers discover themselves sorting thru and trying out WordPress themes over and over once more. This can become a waste of time and takes far away from the time you may definitely spend on blogging! Instead, take some time to don’t forget these five factors to help you find the WordPress topic of your denim! Doing this will prevent time to weblog extra and perhaps even re-arrange your messy closet.

Consider Its Width and Columns


The first element you will want to don’t forget is the width and columns of your chosen topic. Most themes offer you a choice to pick a 2-column or 3-column layout. 2-column designs are super for running a blog if your intentions are non-profit. Having the most effective 2 columns makes your blog look sleek. Plus, they’re simpler to view on your readers. Fewer columns suggest fewer distractions so your readers can surely cognizance the content of your writing.

3-column topics are perfect for bloggers who wish to earn a profit from their page. Not simplest will you be able to present your blog’s content; however, you’ll also have column space for ad codes, including Google AdSense, Chitika, and Text Link. Having 3 columns gives you masses of the area so that ads and blogs aren’t right on the pinnacle of every different, plus it offers you room for expansion. Keeping columns prepared and separately continues things neat, appealing, and more effective.

Consider Its Images and Icons

While photos and other ornamental icons may also seem attractive, they clearly won’t do anything to grow visitors to your blog or stimulate your subscriber base. Sometimes it is pleasant to preserve it easy! Many of the maximum successful bloggers have clean pages with minimal photographs. Most of these pages, in reality, present an easy logo on top for a unique touch with impartial shades. Using minimum photos will permit your web page to load faster, and your server will not be so strained. This is absolutely an awesome design plan to make sure your weblog will develop with you as your net site visitors will increase.

Not only will photographs slow download time, but additionally, they are distracting to your readers. Images can pull reader attention far away from your blog posts as well as your ads. If you need to use an image, observe the lead of blogs and Engadget and Tech Crunch, who only use photographs in content areas to feature value to a post. As a rule of thumb, use pix inside your blog content material handiest. Avoid pix within the header of your blog or scattered for the duration of. Keep your weblog theme easy and streamline. The best time you should incorporate a header image is for promotional purposes, which includes posting an emblem to unfold the word about your emblem. In addition, usually, update pix and icons with links and text every time feasible.

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Check Its Plugin Compatibility

The set up of plugins to your weblog can also eat an awesome deal of it slow, which will be higher-spent blogging! Plugins are vital and honest to improve the capability of your blog web page. They are generally unfastened, and their functions are limitless. However, many plugins can become very difficult and irritating. Entering the plugin codes on your web page, one at a time can take a really long time! Even putting one code can turn out to be a pain if your web page is more complicated together with an AJAX-based WordPress topic. These topics have more than one file and are heavily coded. Therefore, choosing a less complicated subject can make the usage of plugins lots less difficult to do, so you don’t just waste time figuring out petty, trivial codes! Instead, spend more time on getting excellent records and content out in your readers at a quick tempo. Keeping your web page’s subject simple will enhance the reading experience for all of your followers.

Check If It Is Well Optimized

Search Engine Optimization is frequently known as “SEO.” While SEO has overrated the first-rate deal, if your blog has quality content material that human beings need to study, you will get the ranking and attention you prefer and have earned. While this is the case, it no longer implies you need to forget about search engine optimization altogether. Every weblog can gain from SEO in some form. It would help if you made certain which you optimize your “search-capability” by way of doing the subsequent:

Format all tags properly. List the call of the submit observed by way of the call of the blog. Often themes will do this robotically without using a plugin or editing the code in any way. When subject shopping, you furthermore may want to recall how smooth and practical the topic could be to apply. You want to install the topic effortlessly to a present blog while not having to move things around an excessive amount of on the web page layout. Also, you will want to recognize if the theme might be to be had to customize to your different blogs for a uniform look. You need a theme to be versatile and well as sensible.

There are such a lot of subject matters, free and paid, available to WordPress bloggers. While it is excellent to have variety, every so often, the alternatives can be overwhelming. Avoid confusion. Understanding which features to search for in a WordPress subject matter will let you avoid using one that becomes complex and disturbing. Always check a subject out before the usage of it to your actual weblog. Think of this as a “test power.” Make certain you look at the subject with all widgets and plugins you would use for your actual web page for the total impact. Testing on your very own website is a terrible idea. You don’t need your readers to look strange codes or blunders messages for your web page that can deter them from continuing to read your blog!

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If you can’t find a WordPress theme that works for you, you could hire a custom net layout company, like Anglo Designs, to create a custom WordPress subject matter weblog for you. In this manner, you could focus on what you do excellent-product introduction or advertising! Dedicate some time to creating your very own product or advertising and marketing instead of fussing around with themes and formatting.