Tourism and the Internet – Has Online Killed the Travel Agent?


It seems that because the internet has taken over the world in many business regions, it makes the entire experience totally dominate and overtake the marketplace of the conventional travel agent. Is this happening, has it come about, and what is the destiny for travel sellers and consumers alike? Many enterprise specialists ask these questions as they all try and expect the destiny on this ever-increasing and rapid-shifting international of Digital and Social Media. Will the likes of Trip Advisor and Facebook replace journey specialists as the prices get to a stage that can not preserve a business commercial enterprise in tourism? Well, I genuinely desire now not. If this happens, there may be no winners; the client might imagine they may be saving a short buck in the quick-term; however, the truth is that their holiday enjoy will be maximum without a doubt reduced.


This is a complex hassle and is merely the top of a big iceberg.

What did we use to do?

In days gone past, pre the wealth of instant knowledge available on pretty much whatever on the internet, the tourist had to go to a traditional travel professional (a travel agent). This professional could quiz their consumer on what they desired out of their holiday enjoy, the budgetary restraints, and the private expectancies in their client. Of course, the customer needed to pay a premium to the agent for this recommendation, or did they! Well, no, they did not; the wholesalers could pay the tour agent the commission, and each person might be better off. It becomes a complete win/win situation. The client prevails, the business operator prevails, and of the path capitalism maintains to thrive. Well, hasn’t all of that changed; for some crazy cause (and maybe myself blanketed), we think we are professionals and do not want advice from all people. Better still, as we’re all professionals, we trust that it’s far vital that we tell each person how vital we are and what sort of we recognize.

Enter Trip Advisor and the like

Again, due to some great misconception, we agree that we’re all journey specialists; we all understand a great steak from an awful steak, a good restaurant from a bad eating place, a perfect motel from a terrible motel, and so it is going on. Well, allow me to inform you! We are incorrect! We do not! OK, perhaps a number of us do, sure that’s right, industry experts with years and years of on the process schooling, learning, and primary hand experiencing the industry.

social networking

Let me use Mr. Matt Preston, for example; if you do not know who he’s, then I propose you move slowly out from beneath your rock. Anyway, Matt is renowned as one of the international’s main food critics; what he would not realize is not worth knowing. What’s my point? I listen, you say. Watt is paid a daft sum of money for a skilled, goal, and common, properly qualified standpoint. Now, do you notice my factor? So those of you who spend hours typing into Trip Advisor etc. sharing the arena of your restricted expertise maybe have to prevent and think, “do I honestly recognize what I am talking about,” “am I certified to provide my opinion” and does the world “without a doubt care about my opinion.”

The internet has infiltrated the tour enterprise in approaches that we would in no way have notion of, what commenced with Wotif.Com offering a portal for final-minute inventory soak up has increased to dozens of remaining-minute websites; all main wholesalers function their own remaining-minute sites, there are 0.33-celebration reserving corporations doping up anywhere, internet marketers and associates are jumping on the bandwagon too, and it seems all people who’re a bit IT savvy are in this burgeoning travel growth.

“So what’s the problem” I pay attention, you say. We can get reasonably-priced flights (online), we will get cheap lodging (online), we can get reasonably-priced excursions (online), and we can even get coupons for food (online). Spreets send out reductions that make your hair curl day by day.

So what’s the problem! Well, easy, no person is making any cash. Accommodation providers are not being profitable so their standard of product is losing; after all, who is going to hold the product without cash coming in, the tour operators have to cut corners to pay wages, the customer misses out on the satisfaction of the product they deserve, the eating places struggle to pay landlords and wages so glaringly the standard in their product reduces (I won’t even begin on farmers and another number one producers) and of the path the airways. Well, of course, if they may be cutting expenses (as petrol goes through the roof), they too need to lessen the product, horrifying.

So the agent; properly the marketers business is already turning the corner, it is like turning a battleship, but it is enhancing. Conventional journey marketers are enhancing their customer bases, getting increasingly more customers daily. Because the net has made tour smooth; we’re now not scared to be far from home or bounce on a plane for three hours or more; we’re happy to journey. This has occurred because someplace alongside the line lately, we all got a “splendid deal.”

So all of us want to travel greater! But we also are time negative. Most people recognize that spending hours on Trip Advisor taking note of unqualified (and greater often than no longer, fake) evaluations aren’t the great use of our time, nor is it the most fun.

What’s the solution


So, the answer is straightforward. Call an impartial journey agent and get their advice, thoughts, and hints. Independent agents don’t have to cope with any precise product. They can choose whomever they like. They will provide you with honest and accurate data. If they do not know it firsthand, they may ask someone who does, a person who is aware of the independent records. Will this all fee extra? Well, of course, did you observed pleasant and service is for free. After all, we are a capitalist society and wish the wheels of trade to turn for us all to live to tell the tale.

How lots greater? Well, clearly, now not much, and in many instances, you will be shocked at how reasonably-priced it can simply be. They will recognize the quality deals and offers taking place at any specific time. They will realize the weather as well as monetary or political unrest in positive areas.

Don’t forget the tour agent has a strong motivation with a view to having a superb vacation. Enjoy; your custom! They want to deal with you over and over, but extra than that, they want you to tell all your buddies and associates how an awful lot of help the tour agent was, how clean your experience become and what sort of fun you had.

So to summarize, has the journey agent died? Well, not yet. The net has really dealt them a monumental blow, but a blow can be recovered from all of the same. The travel industry has accelerated, the internet has opened doorways that none folks have visible through before. So as the marketplace vicinity has grown, so too has the patron wanting a vacation.