Know About Isaiah Stannard, Career, Life, Net Worth


One can always start their career and become famous at any given time. It is never too late for anything. You can start again from where you left off. All you need is a little bit of good luck, and your career can begin to improve and rise upwards. This is exactly what happened with Isaiah Stannard. So, today, I will elucidate everything about him in this guide. He is only 15 years old and has already made so many achievements in his career. He has made some significant achievements in his life. Plus, many people love him for his personality and talent, which the teenage actor displays in his shows and projects.

One of the most pivotal roles in Isaiah Stannard’s career is the show of NBC’s, i.e., the Good Girls. Isaiah is famous and interesting to the audience because of the controversies regarding his gender. Now, let’s look in detail at Isaiah Stannard. Isaiah Stannard was born in the United States of America in New York City. He was exactly born on 1st October 2004. So, presently, Isaiah Stannard’s age is 16 years. His nationality is American, and he has white ethnicity.

Isaiah Stannard

Isaiah Stannard Gender

Now, many people have this question regarding the gender of Isaiah Stannard. Many people are confused and don’t know whether Isaiah is a boy or a girl. So, let me tell you about this first. Isaiah al,  also known as Izzy, was born as a girl. And her name was kept to Isaiah. So, Isaiah’s gender is that of a female. But from an early age, Isaiah likes to represent herself as a boy. You can also see her dressed as a boy, and she declares herself as a male.


Now, why are there so many fans of Isaiah Stannard? The reason is that Izzy has been publicly able to talk about her gender, which has brought in more fans for them. We also have a look at Isaiah Stannard’s wiki. Isaiah’s zodiac sign is Libra. Izzy is the stage name of Isaiah. Isaiah completed high school and later attended a professional performing arts school. The reason for attending this school was so that they could enter into acting. Let me give you some details on the physical appearance of the actor. The physical appearance of the actor is very appealing.

Isaiah’s Physical Appearance & about Parents

Isaiah Stannard’s hair color is blonde. The color of Izzys’ eye is hazel green, one of the most beautiful. You can imagine. Isaiah was born into a family of white Americans. Let me give you some details regarding Isaiah Stannard’s Stannard Wikipedia. You should also know about the parents of Isaiah. Eric Stannard is the father of Isaiah Stannard. He is a senior editor at Springer, New York. Kristin Johansen is the mother of Isaiah. She is a singer, dancer, and actor. The reports also say that Isaiah’s mother is dating Warren Marsh. Warren Marsh is a professional massage therapist and also a personal trainer.

Isaiah’s Career

Now, let’s take a look at Isaiah Stannard’s career. Since high school, Izzy has been involved in acting. His career began in 2012 when he voiced the child Carl in star stuff The Story of Carl Sagan. After that, he secured roles in Party Dress and Brad’s Status through his unique acting skills, released in 2017. The first role Isaiah or Izzy ever got was the role of Charlie in the drama Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After the theater was successful, Isaiah entered the film industry, as per the Isaiah Stannard Wiki. After entering the film industry, Isaiah got her first role alongside Ben Stiller in Brad’s Status (2017). But, the main journey of her fame began when she started to work in the American television series Good Girls (2018).

Quick Facts about Isaiah

Let’s take a quick look at Isaiah Stannard’s Wikipedia facts. Isaiah plays the role of Ben in Good Girls & is born as a Girl but identifies herself as a boy. This story is taken to storm when he accepts in real life that he is Trans and uses the pronouns he and him. Also, Isaiah Stannard is fond of dogs. You often spot him playing with the dogs at shooting sets or a chum’s house. In his free time, Isaiah likes to go dancing, go cycling, and play the guitar. One of the biggest facts about Isaiah Stannard, which hardly anyone knows, is that he loves spending time with his family, and his Instagram is filled with pictures of him and his family. So, if you want to know more about Izzy, you can follow his Instagram account. Even though he is a young teen actor, he already earns money from his acting career. His standard net worth in 2020 is estimated to be $50,000.

Isaiah Stannard Wikipedia

Let’s take one more glance at Isaiah Stannard’s Wikipedia. Isaiah Stannard is 5 feet, 4 inches tall. His weight is around 56 kg. He loves dressing as a boy and calling himself a male. His shoe size is 7. His highest qualification is high school. He is also yet to attend any college or university. Isaiah Stannard’s favorite holiday destination is Australia. His favorite movie is Superbad, And one of his favorite video games is the League of Legends. His favorite color is blue, and his favorite food is Italian cuisine. In his hobbies, he loves playing video games, traveling, listening to music, etc.

Where He Spent His Childhood?

Isaiah Stannard spent most of his childhood in New York City. His upbringing was great, and he had a normal childhood upbringing. But he had shown his interest in acting from a very early age. He is a great actor who has good acting skills. Also, Isaiah’s personality is very cool. He has also got excellent training in voice and dance. You can also see his extraordinary skills in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.