White Beauty Blogger Called ‘Racist’ for ‘Chocolate Challenge’


Beauty blogger Vika Shapel is facing harsh complaint online in response to a racially insensitive sport she tried to start on YouTube and has because apologized.

In a photo posted to her Instagram, the white blogger and a pal covered half in their faces with chocolate to deepen the color of their pores and skin. Although Shapel mentioned it as “the chocolate venture,” people have been calling it out as blatant blackface

“Something amusing is coming to YouTube, id if there may be a venture like this, however, we haven’t visible it so Im calling it the chocolate venture!” Shapel captioned the photo. “Come watch us rework into deep chocolate skin tones from our pasty faded.”

The photograph was soon re-published by means of YouTuber Arnell Armon, who pointed out the offensive nature of the photo — something that Shapel didn’t capture directly to, although the rest of the Internet has. Armon’s submit has aggregated more than 70 replies from angered followers, in addition to a post by critic Jasmine Brown.
“This ‘undertaking’ doesn’t exist due to the fact humans have not unusual feel,” Brown tweeted. “The disrespect…”


spoke to Shapel about her initial thinking in the back of the video concept and the reaction she has received.

“I in reality wanted to look how I appeared in a deeper pores and skin tone,” Shapel said. “I wasn’t aware about the whole black-face idea earlier than humans commenced commenting it on the image. I would really like to make an apology to human beings that were hurt or indignant with the aid of my post, and it gained’t occur once more.”

Meanwhile, some on social media haven’t been shy about expressing unhappiness in Shapel, while pointing out the extra lengths that the blogger went to imitate a black appearance.

The latest trend in company team building activities is an exercise very distinct from the same old mucking round in the super exterior – chocolate making!


After a few instructions in a way to make chocolate, contributors are divided into small teams and given the obligation of creating a product idea and the packaging needed. They are then given the uncooked ingredients and requested to produce their product, after which they need to design a marketing marketing campaign to sell their product.

The whole hobby generally takes approximately to 3 hours, so this specific corporate team building occasion can be protected as part of a bigger schooling workshop. As it’s miles an indoor exercising, it is good for those times of the year when climate might be an trouble. As long because the venue meets certain requirements, like sufficient space for team participants to paintings in and access to a fridge for all the end merchandise, this group constructing event can take vicinity almost anywhere.



But making chocolate isn’t most effective approximately the scrumptious amusing of getting to taste the product at each step of the way. This company team constructing occasion has some very clear benefits for the agency:

* The exercising simulates the whole commercial enterprise method, from the initial product and packaging concept through to the layout, production, marketing and merchandising of the chocolate, in addition to calculating the product’s monetary viability.

* It calls for crew individuals to think carefully approximately vital commercial enterprise concepts which include target marketplace and emblem identity.

* This group building exercise demanding situations contributors to utilise and develop capabilities including communication, creativity, innovation, and making presentations.

* Team members are capable of see the important contributions that every person character makes to the team’s universal success, and roles and duties are clarified.

At the end of the company group constructing event, the entire hobby is reviewed and discussed with the intention to draw parallels between the obligations completed and the working environment.

Al Tar is a career improvement professional with an interest in company crew building events


A Guide To Blogger Outreach

What is Blogger Outreach?

In a nutshell, blogger outreach, or guest blogging, is attaining out to new site visitors with the aid of posting content material on their web page with either aback hyperlink, emblem call mention, or product mention that relates on your site. The methods of going approximately attaining out to ability blogs and posting are regularly time ingesting and hard, however they could result in strong relationships built with different webmasters, as well as a considerable quantity of traffic and excessive authority returned hyperlinks generated!

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Aside from being capable of exhibit your paintings, visitor blogging is an incredibly precious search engine optimization method that has a number of benefits.

High Authority Backlinks – Backlink advent is the number one reason why human beings turn in the direction of guest running a blog as an choice. You can look for excessive PR sites within your area of interest, method them with a visitor posting proposition, and earn a precious back-link on their web page as a result.

These excessive PR oneway links help notably enhance scores and search engine optimization rankings on websites, and are a phenomenal manner to diversify oneway link assets.

Valuable Connections – Building connections with different bloggers in similar niches is a tough system because many concentrate entirely on building up their personal web site first. When you construct connections and offer to assist others as well as visitor publish, you may get the identical gives in go back! These connections can cause durable relationships which could prove to be priceless over the years.

Branding – While concentrating on building valuable backlinks is definitely a must, many overlook the significance of branding. Simply mentioning your brand name once or twice in a blog in an interesting way can inspire readers to actively search for your site. Additionally, if you can naturally mention your brand name during the post and include an author bio with your site name hyperlinked, you can get past most strict moderation guidelines for guest blog posts and still reach out to thousands more potential customers!

Traffic-While the main idea behind guest posting is to generate a high quality back link for SEO purposes, it can lead to significant volumes of traffic. To get traffic to a site, the backlink needs to be expertly placed within the article, and the post itself needs to be crafted in a way that grabs a reader’s attention and makes them want to learn more.

Choosing blogs with ample traffic for your potential guest posts are crucial to seeing any visible traffic increases from your links however the posts themselves are not the only way you can generate traffic. If available, you should consider making an actual author account with the website before posting. Fill in all of the fields regarding your details, write an interesting bio, and also use this opportunity to link to your site. This way, when readers are intrigued by your article, they can visit your profile and subsequently be directed to your site!


The Do’s and Don’ts of Blogger Outreach

While you may have already got the basics of guest blogging, we have a small list of fashionable do’s and don’ts so that you apprehend the proper etiquette this is expected of visitor bloggers.


Consider making a profile on blogs for further outreach

Put a whole lot of effort and time into crafting a completely unique submit

Artfully area your link so that it will keep away from shoving it down readers throats while they are looking to revel in your publish

Try your first-class on each post so that it’s far unique and superbly portrays your abilties for your readers

Treat the weblog you’re posting on as you desire to be dealt with

Use a guest posting carrier if you lack the time to do it your self

Use your one-way link inside the put up more than once

Rehash an old post or dull topic, especially if its already included extensively on that web site

Spam webmasters with poorly created and dull posts

    • Attempt to use any keyword stuffing or methods that go against Google Webmaster Guidelines.
  • Forget to check up on your post and answer any questions or comments

Finding, evaluating and selecting blogs in a specific niche can be hard. Especially because you want to make sure you targeting the right audience, the blog is not spammy and has good Authority and Google Page Rank.

Sadly, racist behavior and racial prejudice is alive and well throughout America, including within The Church. We cannot simply ignore it; pretend it does not exist and hope it goes away. It has to be spoken about, it has to be addressed.

The history of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, or AME, dates back to 1787. Unhappy with racial discrimination, restrictions and “unkind treatment” towards worshippers of African descent, Reverend Richard Allen and Reverend Absalom Jones broke away from the St. George Methodist Church to form The Free African Methodist Society which later went on to become the AME.

It is important to remember that this all took place before the Civil War. Racism, prejudice and even slavery was a part of life for many Americans. Although John Wesley and other founders of the Methodist Church were against slavery and racism, the Church was still divided. This division came to a head in 1844 when the issue of slavery split the Methodist Episcopal Church geographically. So it was that America is racist because the Church is racist.