Mistakes to avoid when choosing a domain name


If you have not considered having a website for your business, you miss an essential aspect that could help your business grow exponentially. Your numbers may be diminishing, and it could be, and your competitors are taking advantage of your ineptitude. Your business website establishes your online presence while opening it up for numerous profitable opportunities. You could also have a website, but your domain name is not easily found online. That means you need to avoid mistakes when choosing a domain to get the best that will rake in traffic.

Going wrong on the TLD

The part that comes after your domain name is the Top-level domain name (TLD). For most site owners, dot.com is the preferred TLD. Research has shown that almost two-thirds of the websites like it. However, when you choose the wrong TLD, the consequences are far-reaching. Therefore, you must be very careful about the choice you make. If, for instance, your business is located in Chicago and you want to offer your products or services in the global market, then you must choose a generic TLD like .com. If you mistake using a cc TLD, you will limit your business to your TLD country. Other website owners may want to save a few bucks and choose a new or weird-sounding TLD. It may be cheap to acquire, but it may take time before online visitors identify you.


Mistake 2: Being unmindful of spelling

Why complicate things when you need numbers to visit your site? Avoid as many names as possible that your customers find difficult to spell. Whenever a customer misspells your name, they could land on your competitor’s website, and therefore, you lose potential customers. For instance, avoid words like Color (American Eng) and color (UK Eng). Linstead, lookfor words that are clear in meaning and ones that cannot be shortened.

Mistake 3: Picking a domain name that is similar to another

When you have not done enough research on domain names, you will likely end up with a similar name to your competitor’s. This can be detrimental to your business. IT would mean that customers looking for your website will land on your competitor with a similar domain, and therefore, you lose potential customers.

Mistake 4: Choosing a domain name that is too long

There is no limit to how many characters you need for your business name. However, when it comes to a domain name, you need something easy for visitors. No one would want to strain when reading your domain; therefore, keep it as short as possible. If you want the field to match your business name, which is very long, you can try abbreviating it to reduce the characters. You don’t have to spend on a domain that will backfire and cost you dearly. That is why you need to buy domain services from a reputable domain expert who will ensure you have a domain name to help in your mating endeavors.