The eBay international leader to return to TeCOMM Cluj


eBay, the pioneer of digital commerce because 1995, is coming to TeCOMM eCommerce Conference & Expo, the top class e-trade occasion in Eastern Europe that takes location between October 24-25 Grand Hotel Italia in Cluj-Napoca. The event brings collectively over 350 online keep owners and industry experts.


Samuel Laurinkari, head of EU Affairs at eBay, will talk at the occasion eCommerce approximately the principle industrial fashions of the 21st century and the approaches in which online stores grow to be globally relevant. Before becoming a member of one of the biggest multinational companies in e-commerce, Samuel worked in authority relations for LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton. In 2016, eBay became ranked as one of the most important US eCommerce groups with over USD 31 billion in 2016. Furthermore, the maximum visited eCommerce platform inside the United States, in line with statistica.Com. Furthermore, in the second one-quarter of 2017, eBay recorded over 171 million energetic users.

In a contemporary economic disaster, each person struggles to earn a little more money. One such method of income cash easily and by staying at domestic is through online organizations. eBay is one of the maximum a hit and sizeable online commercial enterprise shops worldwide. It isn’t always only smooth and handy but also a wonderful way to begin your enterprise. To start your store, you first need to construct an account and sign on. That is the way you end up a seller. After that, you could start uploading all of the items you need to sell onto your eBay shop.

eBay allows you with specialized gear that accommodates you by giving you a choice to work offline in growing listings of all of your products. Various templates are available online in each unfastened and paid bureaucracy that help you create lists which can be neat and fashionable searching and help keep loads of some time. The templates help you feature photos, descriptions and personalize your web page to attract the ablest shoppers. Once you’re finished with all the simple requirements of your save, you may effortlessly begin uploading items one after the other.

Another set of gear provided by way of eBay is associated with managing your income. Once all is about, this device helps control your sections and listings. Other than that, it manages all the emails which are sent out, facilitates relist items. A music of all your sales is also kept thru this supervisor. Another way of accommodating yourself is to pick an e-mail template for all your emails; this prevents your time from being wasted on writing each email, in my opinion.

All those managers are available without cost. However, the unfastened variations need to be handled manually; the automated variations are available on price. The largest benefit of the usage of the automatic versions is that the entirety is accomplished, on its personal and you do now not need to worry about something. One other factor that needs to be stored in mind is paying a positive sum of money at one-of-a-kind steps on eBay. They seem less personally; however, they add up to be quite some cash. For example, you ought to pay to publish your lists on eBay and, on the other hand, on relisting and for putting up snapshots and so on.

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One element approximately eBay is which you publish your own charges on it. You set your personal price after covering all your prices. You also can upload exceptional sorts of packages. You can also facilitate buyers by giving them a delivery choice if and when required “93 percent of the small agencies present on eBay Marketplace are involved in export, 80 percentage export to over four countries, and 40 percent export to extra than four continents. […]. Through technology, you could get relevant for your location from day one; you could create possibilities and grow the marketplace until you end up an international chief,” stated Samuel Laurinkari.

Global developments are shifting toward personalization: from custom-healthy merchandise to buying experiences that draw the person to the site and hold it as an environment. The theme of the brand new TeCOMM version is Haute Couture eCommerce and proposes the past the regular approach that makes a specialty of details, client-minded shopping for stories, nice merchandise, eCommerce platform personalization, or stability among expectations and effects.

The news in e-trade is supplied at Telecomm with the aid of famed leaders who, through their innovations, have knowledgeable and evolved the eCommerce industry. Carlo Terreni (dealing with the director, Netcomm Suisse), Manuel da Costa (founder, Effective Experiments), Ovidiu Joita (CEO, agency), Antonio Eram (CEO and founder Netopia), or Attila Birtha (founder, Proclick) are most of the first confirmed speakers for the new edition. New at Telecomm: The Catwalk Stage, Masterclass search engine marketing or Entrepreneurship Stage More than 2,500 online shop owners and enterprise professionals are part of the TeCOMM network with a view to better apprehend their improvement and business possibilities. The fashion retail market in Romania has visible a multiplied growth, so in 2016 it changed into anticipated at three.13 billion euros, supported using over 18,000 shops within the enterprise, in line with MKOR Consulting. TeCOMM includes this yr’s The Catwalk Stage conference committed to shops working in this enterprise to upload price to the fashion enterprise.

Telecom includes on October 24 the SEO master class supported using the professional Ovidiu Joita (proprietor, agency), who has over 17 years revel in marketing and online advertising and marketing. The search engine marketing master class will encompass subject matters focused on what’s in the back of the Google.Com website, Google indexing, search engine optimization analysis, strategy, on/off page optimization, or KPI for SEO services.

Are you an online entrepreneur?

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The days are changing very fast. Technology is moving at a rapid pace. The internet is spreading to every nook and corner of the world. This has given rise to a new breed of entrepreneurs, which is the online entrepreneur. Obviously, there are many benefits

• Convenience: One of the biggest benefits of being an online entrepreneur is the convenience of working from anywhere. There is no geographical restriction at all. All you need is an internet connection and a device to connect to the internet.

• Saves time: If you work in a conventional office, you have to spend a considerable amount of time commuting between your home and the office. An online entrepreneur
can save this time and hence utilize it for earning more money.

• Flexible working hours: A traditional office has its limitations. People have to eat and sleep. Because people have to sleep at home, many offices are closed at night. An online entrepreneur does not have that type of restriction. You serve the entire planet, so that means you will have to be available at all times. The internet allows you to keep your business open at all times. You also have the flexibility of choosing your work hours.

Being online also involves many offline sources, including specialized human sources, ongoing studies, control techniques, employee motivation, or fixing the particular conditions confronted by an entrepreneur. Manuel da Costa, the founding father of Effective Experiments, will introduce us to one of the guided A/B checking out answers for online groups or acting groups at some stage in the new Entrepreneurship Stage segment. Manuel has been training CRO for 5 years and has collaborated with several eCommerce organizations to enhance their conversions and earnings. The Entrepreneurship Stage Discussion Forum brings together online shop owners who need to broaden their online enterprise. For the ones just starting their commercial enterprise, the organizers have organized the Start-up Area segment that includes devoted workshops on subjects which include: online platform selection, logo boom, online advertising, or conversions.