How to spend a romantic getaway to Bangkok


Bangkok is one of the most romantic destinations in Asia. The city has been described as “the love capital,” It certainly lives up to its reputation. Many things make this destination unique, from the food to the nightlife, shopping, and culture. It is also an easy place to travel with your significant other because everything can be done on foot. You don’t need much time to get lost either since the streets are small enough to navigate without getting hopelessly turned around. If you want to spend some quality time together, then here are ways to spend a romantic getaway to Bangkok.


*Vip cinema experience

Bangkok offers several types of cinemas where you can go for a date night. Some offer luxurious surroundings while others have more basic setups, but they all provide great entertainment. One thing about seeing movies in Thailand is that there will always be something playing, even if it isn’t prevalent. This means you won’t feel like you missed anything by not seeing a blockbuster hit. If you decide to take advantage of the VIP Cinemas in Bangkok, you should know that tickets start at USD 20 per person. These include popcorn, drinks, snacks, and access to private lounges. They usually show 3D films, which makes them perfect for couples who would rather sit back and relax instead of being forced into uncomfortable positions during long hours of sitting.

*Romantic dinner at the rooftop restaurant

If you want a unique way to celebrate your first anniversary, why not cook your favorite meal? Thai cuisine has delicious flavors and ingredients that pair well together. So whether you choose to cook traditional dishes such as Pad See Ew or modern fare such as sushi rolls, you can guarantee that she will appreciate every bite. Add some candles and flowers to create a truly memorable dining experience to spice things up.

* CRU Champagne Bar

For an excellent romantic experience in Bangkok, nothing beats visiting the CRU Champagne Bar located atop the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Located right above the hotel lobby, guests enter through glass doors leading directly to the top-floor lounge area. Once inside, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful views of the cityscape. While enjoying cocktails and appetizers, you can gaze over the bustling street life below. Afterward, you may wish to venture down to the lower level, where you can visit the Red Sky Lounge. You can sip on bubbly and mingle with fellow travelers before heading home.

*The moon bar

One of the best places to watch the sunset in Bangkok is the Moon Bar, situated on the rooftop of the iconic Banyan Tree Hotel. With breathtaking views of the entire city, including the Chao Phraya River, you can easily imagine how this spot was chosen as the setting for countless Hollywood romances. The bar itself is pretty simple; however, what sets it apart is the atmosphere created by the staff. From the moment you step onto the terrace, you will notice the friendly service provided by the attentive waiters. In addition to providing excellent service, these guys are experts in mixing exotic cocktails. Each drink costs 300-400 Baht, depending on the bottle size. We aren’t complaining! It’s a fantastic place to spend time with someone special.

*The Oriental Spa at Mandarin Oriental

No romantic is enough without pampering themselves after a day spent exploring the sights of Bangkok. Luckily, the Oriental Spa at the Mandarin Oriental provides everything from massages to facials to manicures. You can also enjoy treatments using their signature products, especially for men and women. For example, the Signature Manicure uses organic oils and natural extracts to give nails a healthy shine. The Signature Facial combines exfoliation techniques with moisturizing masks to leave skin soft and supple. If you want something more intimate than a spa treatment, consider booking one of the private massage rooms available throughout the facility. These rooms offer couples privacy while allowing them to share each other’s company during the session.

*A night out dancing

Bangkok has many great nightclubs, but head straight to Club Asia if you want somewhere fun and lively. This club offers live music performances most nights of the week. There are plenty of dance floors, so there should be no problem finding a partner who shares your passion for rhythm. Plus, since the venue is open until 4:00 a.m., you won’t have to worry about missing work the following day.

*Le Normandie

Book a table at Le Normandie Restaurant & Wine Bar for a perfect romantic evening in Bangkok. Situated on the uppermost floor of The Oriental Hotel, this elegant establishment serves up classic dishes such as steak tartare or grilled salmon paired with fine wines. As far as desserts go, try the chocolate Soufflé served with vanilla ice cream, or perhaps indulge in a slice of warm apple pie topped with fresh whipped cream. To complete the meal, order a cup of coffee or tea accompanied by a selection of pastries.

*Red Sky Lounge

If you’d rather stay indoors, then make sure to check out the Red Sky Lounge at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Bangkok. Located on the hotel’s ground floor, this cozy space features comfortable seating that allows visitors to relax and unwind after spending hours sightseeing around town. During the warmer months, guests can sit outside under the shade of large umbrellas. However, even though they may not provide much protection against rain showers, the outdoor area does add another layer of charm to the lounge. After enjoying drinks and snacks, take advantage of the free Wi-Fi connection inside the room.

*Embassy diplomat screens

When you think of romance, images of candlelight dinners and long walks along the beach probably come to mind. Unfortunately, those types of experiences don’t happen very often. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look forward to having some quality alone time together. Instead, why not plan a trip where you get to experience both? Fly into Bangkok, where beautiful beaches, delicious food, and stunning temples surround you. While it’s true that these places aren’t known for being particularly romantic, they do offer an abundance of opportunities for couples to spend some memorable moments together. One way to ensure that you never miss any action is to use a video screen projector. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can project whatever image you like onto the wall behind you.

Bottom line:

A romantic getaway to Bangkok will help you reconnect with your significant other. Whether you choose to explore the city’s attractions or kick back and relax, you’ll feel rejuvenated when you return home.