Change your username on a Mac in four easy steps


If you have got multiple people using your Mac, you’ll need to realize how to change your Mac’s username with these 4 simple steps. Changing your Mac username may be essential, especially if you percentage your pc with numerous human beings, or you won’t like your cutting-edge username. Regardless of the scenario, we’re right here to help. There has been an assumption that it’s nearly impossible to alternate the username on a Mac, but that’s no longer authentic. It is viable to exchange your username account simply as long as you have the proper administrator password. Just preserve in thoughts, sometimes in case you’re no longer care, you would possibly emerge as messing up your pc in case you’re now not sure how the technique works. Below are steps to observe if and while you need to change your Mac username.

Mac easy steps


When getting ready to trade your contemporary Mac username, first ensure that you returned up all of your critical records that you may want from the present username account. The backup allows loads when you consider that within the system; something can move wrong and grow to be locking the contemporary account, making it not possible so one can access your statistics.

Step 1: Log in with a specific or new administrator account

It’s not feasible to rename your cutting-edge Mac username account. However, you can create a new one with your preferred username. All you want to do is log out of your current Mac username account with the aid of clicking on the Apple logo. This is within the higher left corner. From here, you’ll need to log into your administrator account. After you end converting your username, then you can delete your modern username and use the brand new one.

Step 2: Rename the house folder

rename folder mac

Changing your Mac account username starts offevolved with the home folder. Go to the Finder Menu > Go > Go to Folder and search Users to get the consumer folder. Once you get there, search for the folder with the last name of your current username, which you would really like to exchange. Write the prevailing username someplace when you consider that you will nevertheless need it later inside the system, after which rename the folder along with your new username. At this point, you need to have the administrator password because it’s required that allows you to make the adjustments to the username.

Step three: Log into Users and Groups to get your username profile.

Go to the System Preferences to your Mac to get the menu bar, pick out the Users and Groups alternative, then click on the padlock alternative. You will now have to get entry to a new window as a way to enable you to make modifications, and your Mac would possibly request for the administrator password once more. Find the username you wish to alternate, then properly click and select Advanced Options to open a brand new window.

Step 4: Rename the applicable fields and restart your Mac.

The Advanced Options window you handiest want to find the Account name and Home listing fields. In the Account call, the kind of username you would like to use should be the same as the call you gave to the home folder. Ensure the usernames suit; if now not, it’ll not make paintings. Ensure you don’t go away any space among the username. Do the identical within the Home listing and kind inside the username you desire to use to your mac.

After completing this method, now click on the Ok choice in Advanced options. Log out of the administrator account and log in with the use of the brand new username. Check whether or not all of your files and apps are in a working situation and running properly. When you recognize the entirety of your requirements, congratulations, you have effectively modified your Mac username. The technique is beneficial for the contemporary MacOS updates, which consist of El Capitan, Yosemite, and High Sierra, even though a few icons and names may also, once in a while, seem differently.