How This 19-Year-Old Blogger Turned Her Brand Into Her Gold Mine


For Alexa, Curtis’s writing usually became a breakout. “When I turned 7, my father become wrongfully convicted of a heinous crime and put in a maximum safety jail. He got out once I became twelve, and I spent years of my adolescence looking him nearly die as a person with diabetes in prison,” she stocks. “Around that time, I started writing and expressing myself through style. It helped me cope.” She might write short tales and describe what she turned into sports or what stimulated her. She becomes so fantastically passionate about running a blog and writing she began creating a small sum of money. “I had no hobby in whatever else besides following my passion,” says Curtis.


In her freshman yr of excessive faculty, she learned approximately LinkedIn. Endlessly imaginative, she decided to make a profile and label herself as a social media supervisor. “I commenced getting messages from human beings asking my costs. I just winged it at the beginning until I built up a reputable patron list,” she explains. “School became the least essential part of my existence, that I’d skip instructions simply to take calls with social media customers.”

Born and raised in Mansfield, a small, rural metropolis in Eastern Connecticut, Curtis longed to escape. While traveling with her sister on Staten Island, they watched a reality display and brainstormed thoughts about what she ought to do. “As we have been throwing ideas around, she casually said, oh, well, you could start a blog.” After Googling, the primary blog that came up become Tavi Gevinson’s Style Rookie. “I opened up the pc within the next room and created a profile on blogger.Com,” she stocks. And A Life In The Fashion Lane changed into born. Curtis turned 12. “I surely concept I would emerge as starting the blog and by no means write on it, but I started out writing a brand new put up every day. I became hooked.”

Curtis turned into fashion. However, it became more of a way for her to set herself apart. “I just liked dressing up. However, I did not have any cash to buy apparel, so it’s why I’d exhibit several street styles and celebrity pix on my blog,” she shares. “And I love being my own boss. I tried interning for a bunch of organizations once I become younger. And I may want to by no means live at an internship extra than a month. Being capable of rule your personal lifestyles is an incredible feeling, but also fairly traumatic and nonstop.” So what’s avenue style? Think sports activities meet fashion, and the 2 are then rudely interrupted through a barber with a damaged razor blade.

There are a few key elements to getting this look right.

The first of those is footwear. Now, I stated in the summary that I might monitor the way to breathe new existence into something that needs to be in every gentleman’s cloth cabinet certainly. So, with this in mind, my first recommendation is a couple of Converse. Old, battered, dirty Converse. Preferably you will have the ankle-high version in white. Wear these with a couple of thin denim (color at this point is beside the point), and roll the leg 2-3 times to create a cuff that sits just above the well-known Chuck Taylor brand.

It is crucial to note at this point the importance of Converse. The excessive pinnacle all big-name style changed into firstly designed to be worn for basketball games; this, therefore, covers the carrying impact you want to tug off the street style photograph. As always, as the skinny denim that you want to accompany your Converse go, appearance no similarly to a pair of Nudie Jeans. Designed in Sweden and made in Italy, cuts inclusive of ‘Thin Finn,’ ‘Tape Ted’ and ‘Slim Jim’ will all give you the thin style you need, at the same time as also providing you with a cultured ‘guy of the arena’ picture-without a doubt a street fashion requirement.

What’s All This Fuss About Street Style?

Street style is usually modern-day fashion. However, there may be extra than style to it: take a look at our recent records, and you’ll find out a huge cultural, historical past at the back of it. There is a lot of buzz about ‘road fashion.’ You ought to have observed the latest boom within the number of internet pages presenting the words ‘road fashion’. If London Fashion Week is arising, the primary appearance may be at the street fashion of the people attending the shows. You browse a fashion magazine online to get a look at today’s developments, and today’s trend will unfailingly be the street style.

What’s happening? Where are the old-fashioned fashionistas carrying their Chanel suits and Dior purses? Don’t panic; they are still there, all covered up by way of the catwalks, with their notebooks open and pens geared up to write down about the approaching defilé. They are simply hiding inside some saggy trousers or under a (hopefully faux) furry waistcoat. So, what is ‘avenue style’ in reality approximately? You might also want to outline it as ‘something you feel like wearing, preserving a watch on the cutting-edge catwalk trends.’ However, there’s extra than style to it.

‘Street’ is the culture of humans, particularly young (or younger at heart) human beings, who spend most of their time on the streets. It began with the Teddy Boys in the fifties, who used to walk the streets with their tight trousers and pointed shoes. The Hippies got here in the past due the sixties and seventies, who celebrated peace and love, populating parks with their flowery skirts and huge pants and bandanas. With the flip of the next decade, the Punks came out on the streets to shout out their rebellion towards the machine with their dyed hair and outrageous conduct, sporting provocative slogan t-shirts and ripped, colored denim. On the alternative side of the sea, Hip Hop made its manner onto the streets within the eighties, which saw human beings breakdancing on sidewalks of their baggy denim and fluorescent colored shirts. Those human beings tried to create a higher international, shouting their revolt out in the streets with their voices and clothes. They impacted the completion of society very strongly. They still are the symbols of combating for the right matters, human rights, peace, and freedom: so iconic that they’ll by no means exit fashion.

To get again to the fashion situation, consider the garb fashion of the above-cited lifestyle actions, and you’ll comprehend that some of the one-of-a-kind objects those guys had been carrying decades ago are still on the streets… And they are coming again onto the catwalks! Pointed shoes, hats, tight jackets, and drainpipe trousers, wedge shoes, flowery clothes (D&G made the complete 2011 summer collection out of shiny colored flowery garments), scarves, vivid hues, baggy trousers, and announcement t-shirts, it’s all there.

Designers of the path also get a number of their concepts from street patterns when designing a brand new series; however, it is, in reality, a canine chasing its tail: street fashion itself is made of recent trend gadgets mixed with street subculture items. So this is wherein the above noted Dior handbag is matched with a military jacket and canvas wedges. And the Chanel in shape is probably below that pink sleeveless cape paired with large boots. So in the stop, street style isn’t truly ‘something you feel like carrying’; it is instead the fruit of deep studies thru the history of favor, mixed with the proper expression of a feel of belonging to the vintage culture of rebellion opposition to the status quo.


And yes, it’s a amazing amusing to play with mixing all varieties of different kinds of garments, but don’t get too enthusiastic and take a second to look thoroughly within the reflect earlier than going out: if you are not that into tendencies and style, there’s an excessive danger of searching like a clown. Not most effective did Curtis flip her little fashion blog into a full-time way of life platform for teenagers, thru bloodless-pitching she controlled to get backed by brands like British Airways, T-Mobile, Lands’ End, and extra. In 2016, after talking at a conference on social media and mental health started the nonprofit Media Impact and Navigation for Teens (M.I.N.T.). When she turned into middle college, she had suffered together with her very own frame image issues and bullying and didn’t since she had the support she had to cope with those issues thoroughly. The curriculum behind M.I.N.T entails going into schools and talking approximately subjects, including reducing sexting and social media.

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