Tips to design and maintain your sliding door


Using sliding doors is the smartest and most convenient way to design your home. They are a perfect choice as they are energy-sufficient, occupy less space, are safe, secure, and, most importantly, stylish. The best part about sliding doors is that you can custom design them even after installation, but they also need proper maintenance. So, to uplift the style statement of your sliding doors and make them durable, here are a few tips you must know.

To increase the aesthetic value of your sliding doors, you can paint them how you want to, or you can use different types of glasses within the wide range that the market offers. Painting them or using patterned glasses elevates privacy and makes them more secure. There is a wide range of drinks available in the market. A few of them are Float Glass, Safety Laminated Glass, Obscured Glass, Annealed Glass, Tinted Glass, Tempered Glass, Insulated Glass, Mirrored Glass, etc. Similarly, you have a wide range of options in paint styles; for example, you can spray paint them according to your preference.

sliding door

  • Install window film

Just updating the appealing value of the patio door is not enough; adding the security element is also equally important. You might have heard sliding doors are easy to break into, but there is no such worry; in reality, check if proper precautions are taken. To make your sliding doors more secure and durable, it is advisable to add a window film to the glass. Few such films can be easily applied all by yourself, and even if you do not feel like doing them, you can hire professional installers for the same purpose. The film mainly makes the glass smash-proof and grips all the splinters in place. If a housebreaker tries to crash the glass, he may be successful, but he will not pass through the film. Therefore, the film will stay in a place sheltered by numerous wrecks of glass.

  • Clean and

    lubricate them well.

You must have invested a lot in your patio doors, and of course, you would want them to last long. Therefore, you need to pay some extra care and attention to them. The trails on sliding doors are likely to invite grime and dirt, and consequently, you need to have them spotless so that the runner moves efficiently. However, if it feels like the rollers are jabbing, you can clean them by pulling them out of the door and scratching the dirt off the helms. Then, sponge the wheels with a cloth immersed in denatured alcohol, clean the track with a similar solution, and void the way to remove any remaining traces of dust or dirt. Lubrication is another essential part of their maintenance; the finest type of lubricant is a silicone spray because it does not hold ground.