Has Technology Kept Its Promise?


As I look at humanity, shifting in ever-faster and quicker paces, racing to reap ever more at dizzying speeds while technology threatens to outpace our very mental capability, something is amiss. Some deeply held concept that we appear bent on fulfilling, a frantic technologically powered promise, has been broken.

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Whether we comprehend it or no longer, under all this exceptional era we are developing, is a subtle however powerful promise: that we can accomplish more, in much less time, and thereby reap a more best of lifestyles.

Oh, at the start the idea is seductive. Let’s construct a gadget that can do the work in half the time! We can paintings in the morning and play in the afternoon. This works first rate in the idea, besides its miles hardly ever practiced. No, once that extraordinary whiz-bang device is built, it’s run 24/7, running employees to the bone, so we are able to produce a gazillion times more in a fragment of the time! By all rights, there have to be lots extra human beings loafing. Or at least, having a high best of lifestyles. But are they?

How is it that our very lives are powered with the aid of machines that admittedly double in pace every 2-years, yet as a nation, we’re poorer than ever, more tired than ever, and much less able to experience existence as we know it? Who does not stroll around with greater lines on their foreheads even as the sector races by means of? Whose stress levels are decreased way to the wonderful advances in the era? I don’t know many.

Ladies and gents, there’s a conspiracy afoot. Yes, absolutely. As a society, our process is to care approximately each different and enhance our first-rate of existence in my opinion and together, but the very era that has promised to provide this is doing simply the alternative. In reality, it is aggregating wealth into fewer and fewer palms, and in a very real feel oppressing the relaxation, developing a new kind of higher class, a “technorati” if you may, this is capable of harness generation to their advantage. And notwithstanding all of the nifty perks of technology, are our lives sincerely higher?

Sure, we are able to point to improved efficiencies. Information may be transferred quicker and in large quantities than ever earlier than, and computers can crunch numbers in ever-larger chunks.

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Yet have we ever stopped to invite, is that constantly necessarily top? Computers enable human beings to make errors, quicker. Think about that for a moment.

And besides easy “enterprise profits,” and expanded manufacturing, what are the actual tangible profits in human phrases? Are personnel happier, or are they working simply as many hours as in 1960?

And some other crucial measure: do people experience more connected to one another, with all of the gizmos for interplay?

Ironically, technology tends to isolate human beings in preference to convey them collectively. It promotes anonymity, and separation by encouraging us to interface over longer and longer distances, the use of bits of steel and plastic for the interactions. What occurred to the warmth of a handshake? Looking a person in the attention? Something is getting lost inside the virtual revolution, and it is within the intangible, and arguably greater essential, the realm of our lives.

What approximately all the fancy pace of the technology; without a doubt that is making the arena greater green, proper?

Can everybody point to studies showing the multiplied manufacturing and sheer extra volume of products, services, and ingredients, are absolutely being circulated to those in need? Is the human family as a whole benefitting from the excess, or is the wealth being concentrated by using the ones in the role to take benefit of the providence?

Again, this solution is apparent; the human own family as a whole is not reaping the advantages of the technological advances, as evidenced via similar or worse ranges of poverty, literacy, dwelling conditions, and fashionable situations of peoples during the earth. Sure, there are certain segments of the populace that are benefitting, yet we see the makings of a “digital divide” wherein the center training are disappearing, even as the ranks of higher and lower classes keep to swell, in huge element because of technology which aggregates an increasing number of power into the hands of those on the top. This has always been a conventional harbinger of trouble, for those that care to pay attention.

And do not get me started out on our fantastic clinical advances in healthcare; what passes for healthcare, rightly need to be labeled “ill-care” as it makes use of 2 predominant modes of operation: cutting and drugging. The human body does not typically suffer from lack of cuts, or chemicals. Many of the best bits of awareness from thousands of years of human survival are being summarily censored, or even outlawed by the ones in rate. Don’t trust me? Tsk tsk. Google it. As the saying goes, “simply due to the fact you’re paranoid does not suggest they are not when you.”

Then, perhaps, is the planet better off for all of the terrific expanded production generation gives? Again, ha! No, the planet is hurting, likely getting a temperature, and for certain getting stuffed valley to the mountain with more trash than ever before. See http://www.Storyofstuff.Com/ for an outstanding video.

Well, er, type of. Actually what I’ve determined is that we assume in a different way, no longer necessarily higher than earlier than. We have extra capacity to multi-mission because, marvel, we are continuously bombarded with the want to the system so much right now. But this comes at the price of the potential to simply concentrate. I’m not certain that being “scattered” is better than being “focussed.”

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What approximately social capabilities? Are computer systems and era improving these? Evidence indicates that our new silicon taskmasters don’t have hearts, and our capability for human knowledge, compassion, and love are not superior to any extensive degree by way of our technology.

I may want to go on and on. The simple, easy question is, what are the actual benefits of this technological craze we are in? Are we honestly higher off with the technology than earlier than? And what is riding this insane rapid-hearth chase, and what’s it for? Or have we misplaced site of the purpose we’re jogging toward? If it is the betterment of mankind, we are off-course.

One can constantly argue that the technology is not the problem; it is the biology operating it, and this is an honest point. Technology is neither appropriate nor horrific however in the hands of its customers. Truly we can do exceptional matters with our new gizmos, but can we? Are we? Currently, generally now not.