Tips On Finding Good Renters


To find good tenants, one has to promote their rentals effectively. There are three ways to find prospective tenants: first is to hire a real estate agent, second is to hire a property management firm, and third is to find them yourself. As a landlord, all you have to do is market your property, answer queries by phone and email, show the property, and allow the renters to decide. Just make sure to provide them with the desired service and showcase your property in the best possible way.

Below are some tips on finding good renters:

1) Put ‘for rent’ signs in front of your property: The first thing that every landlord should do is put a ‘for rent sign in front of your property. This is still an effective way to find good tenants, especially if the prospects are shopping for housing in a specific area or region.

Good Renters

Make sure to place the signs where it is visible. Often, it is recommended to study restrictions on sign placements because, at times, some of those placements are governed by local or community ordinances. Therefore, it is important to research everything before placing a sign.

2) Consider advertising on rental websites: These days, many modern renters consider using rental websites. Due to the development of smartphones and tablets, searching for property available for rent has become an easier process. Thus, landlords should list their rental property on websites like Trulia,,, Zillow, Hotpads, etc. This way, the reach of your property will increase, and your chances of getting a good, qualified tenant for your property will also rise.

3) Utilize print media: Another way of finding good renters is to utilize print media like local newspapers, local free-press publications, and community newsletters as a source to publicize and advertise your property on rent. Usually, older and traditional generations still rely on print compared to online sources. Therefore, print media publications are an effective medium to educate and inform people about your property available for rent.

4) Personal contacts: Networking is vital for finding a considerate tenant, and social media has made it possible to reach a large number of people in a short amount of time. A quick post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can get hundreds of people in no time. Especially Facebook group is a popular platform where locals advertise items for sale. If you have a property for rent, you must consider joining one of those groups and post your available listings there.

5) Use property management software to find renters: Property management software combines most of the abovementioned steps into one easy-to-use platform. These software companies provide landlords with tools to put their rental listings across the web and screen out qualified renters. When you place your rental property listing into this software, it gets distributed to top listing sites.