Top 6 Features of WordPress for Your Business


Nearly 24% of the websites on the internet these days run the WordPress CMS. From elaborate websites to access degree web portals and private blogs, many websites are on WordPress. Typically, a WordPress internet site is hosted on a shared web hosting order. However, that would cause a proportion of trouble. A few of them are – Competing shared website hosting sources may also run a WordPress website optimally. Shared hosting won’t propel an internet site with excessive traffic. Security can be difficult, particularly if the internet site deals with changing sensitive records. On the other hand, WordPress hosting is a form of net web hosting usually designed for a WordPress website. Priced better than a simple shared hosting plan, WordPress web hosting plans dress web hosting plans’ OS, and software environments are cautiously optimized and augmented to run a WordPress website.


To get better know-how, let’s take a look at the following instance –

Rebecca is an artist, and candle-making is her interest. She released a weblog on and commenced sharing tutorials on the way to make candles at home. Soon, she received impressive internet traffic and decided to transport to WordPress.Org on a simple shared website hosting plan. In the second segment, she desired to add a WordPress video plugin to add video tutorials. However, the computing sources of her shared goal were not well-matched with the WordPress plugin, posing a roadblock to her growth effort. This trouble isn’t always unique to this situation; thousands of internet site proprietors face this trouble.

The computing assets of shared hosting are constructed to assist a huge range of systems like Joomla, Drupal, and Magento, consisting of WordPress. Therefore, if you are looking to deploy a WordPress plugin or widget for your WordPress website, it may no longer work. Conversely, the software program milieu of a WordPress website hosting is fully optimized for a WordPress internet site and will guide many plugins, themes, and widgets. Furthermore, every aspect of the hosting surroundings is tweaked to help your WordPress internet site, which promotes the performance of your online business.


Features to look for in a WordPress Hosting Plan-

How to Choose a Good WordPress Hosting. Here are things to remember while choosing a WordPress hosting plan: disk space and Bandwidth. WordPress comes with its already-designed template, which takes a large quantity of area in a web server. But, more importantly, the system has to be fed with content in the shape of text, photos, films, and, now and again, audio, depending on the type of site the proprietor is putting up. Therefore, WordPress calls for sufficient disk space in addition to Bandwidth.

Server platform

WordPress is subsidized with a MYSQL database, fashion sheets, and numerous PHP scripts. Therefore, for a WordPress-primarily based blog or site to work, the server desires to have at least MYSQL databases and PHP. WordPress structures run well in Linux-based total server structures instead of Windows-primarily based. These are some of the belongings you need to consider before buying WordPress hosting. Other things you can ask encompass emails and FTP debts.

Online Backup Facility,

WordPress calls for regular updating. However, things may work awry throughout updating the content material device or upgrading the server. This can result in the loss of website documents. To avoid such conditions, your WordPress hosting must provide a line backup facility to continuously lower your internet site or blog while updating the device or the server application.

As an enterprise proprietor, you need the backing of a web hosting plan that assures your internet site’s satisfactory overall performance. However, with such many web hosting alternatives accessible, choosing a plan that serves your purpose can be confusing. So, if you are trying to host a WordPress internet site that is vital in your online enterprise, here are the five capabilities that make going for walks on WordPress website hosting a breeze-

1. Website Backup

Getting the backup of your WordPress internet site is the first line of defense to shield the statistics of your website. Various tools are pre-established / compatible with WordPress hosting that allows seamless internet site backup. Therefore, ensure that your web hosting vendors offer this option to your WordPress hosting plan.

2. Automated WordPress Core Updates

Running your WordPress internet site on the modern software model is vital from a safety and stability point of view. WordPress hosting companies’ behavior normal updates. Therefore, your internet site is constantly comfy, and there aren’t any threats.

3. Single Dashboard

This is eligible for website owners trying to host multiple WordPress websites. Through this option, a person can monitor and hold songs of all the WordPress internet sites via a single dashboard or cPanel. The user also gets entry to WP CLI, a command-line interface to perform any mission on the WordPress admin. WordPress middle is set up to update routinely if you are on a WordPress Hosting plan without user intervention. This is beneficial as the user can relax and understand their internet site is patched to today’s version.

WordPress also provides a multi-site characteristic, allowing users to create a network of sites on an unmarried WordPress setup. If you’ve got a performance-orientated WordPress Hosting plan from one of the excellent website hosting carriers like ResellerClub, you may be able to use multisite practical efficaciously. However, the nature of multisite characteristics is such that it relies on overall performance and has to be supported with the aid of the web hosting provider for excessive visits consistent with the month.

4. Caching

This is another critical function of WordPress web hosting that makes the internet site load fast. The inbuilt caching improves the website’s overall performance and enhances a person’s experience at the website. Quick loading is especially beneficial for e-commerce setups.

5. Managed WordPress Support

In the case of WordPress hosting, the support offered is enormously dependable as well as quick. You don’t have to fear approximately website migration. The machine directors are well versed with the OS surroundings and chargeable for keeping, upgrading, and optimizing the web hosting setup to the superior. Therefore, the overall performance of your WordPress website will never be affected.

6. Staging/Production Environment

This is yet another thrilling characteristic of WordPress web hosting. Web admins have access to the blueprint of their WordPress internet site. This blueprint may be used as a foreground to check Destiny WordPress installations.


To sum up, it’s safe to anticipate that WordPress web hosting is a powerhouse for a WordPress website. The features of WordPress plans are a great deal superior to normal shared website hosting. While shared website hosting is good for an entry-stage WordPress website, for websites that require outstanding computing assets, devoted WordPress hosting is higher in shape.