5 Questions You Must Ask Your Landscape Contractor


Adding a landscape to your residential or commercial premises is a great way to enhance its aesthetics, boost its value, and ensure the good health of the individuals inside. However, achieving that flawless appearance isn’t your regular weekend DIY project. Instead, it would help if you went about finding the right landscape contractor to deliver precise results. With innumerable landscape designers in Edmonton, the following is the list of questions that can help you hire the best one and create a suitable landscape plan for your vision and home:

Q1: What kind of services do you provide?

The first and foremost thing to ascertain is the kind of services the contractors provide. This is because not every landscape contractor delivers the exact type of services you want for your property. For example, some offer only design blueprints, while others provide an installation plan. In addition, there are a few companies that propose a lawn maintenance program in addition. So, depending on what your requirements are, you can go ahead and choose the potential contractor.

Q2: How long have you been in this line of business?

 Landscape Contractor

The landscaping company you work with must be a respected, reputable, and established part of the community. This doesn’t mean the beginners or new entrants aren’t competitive enough. It is just that with several different projects under one’s name, it is easy for you to trust their advice and rely on their hard-earned knowledge and expertise.

Q3: Can I see your previous works?

All the landscape designers in the market claim to be the best, but do they have ample evidence to support them? You cannot trust a contractor unquestioningly without looking into their scope of work and portfolio. Besides, every contractor has a unique vision, and only after viewing their work portfolio can you pick the one with a similar idea.

Q4: Do you offer landscaping consultations?

Good landscape architects are not those who listen to you and present a plan as per your needs but also offer consultations (sometimes free of cost) way before you hire them. During their initial meeting, they come over to your property, walk around the garden, listen to your requirements, and offer expert ideas for the design. This is a great opportunity to assess the designer and see if they fit with you as a client.

Q5: What is the estimated cost of the project? Are there any means to reduce expenses?

Clarifying the project’s overall cost is necessary to determine if it suits your budget range. You need to know the cost for both the design and the installation of the landscape and mid-construction changes expenses (if expected). It would help if you also had a conversation with the designer about reducing the landscape’s cost without compromising style or quality.