What Are the Top 10 Android Apps?


Considering Apple added the idea of effortlessly reachable, user-pleasant apps, clever phone ownership has never been so amusing. But the problem with Apple is that they’re a closed membership. You are either an Apple fanboy (or a woman); otherwise, you aren’t. However, with Android, Google changed all that. Now, the concept of clever phone apps is not the distinctive domain of the Apple kingdom. In addition, with the advent of Windows Phone 7, the Smart cellphone App marketplace is burgeoning.

Android Apps

The beauty of Android Apps is that the Android working gadget is open supply. Google had been very astute right here, allowing the creation of bedroom builders to shine through, and even though Android apps have a few ways to go before they reach the 280,000 plus apps for Apple, there are masses to select from. So the simple question is, what are the Top 10 Android Apps you should have? Here are my contemporary alternatives, which are all loose. I need to add the caveat that this may properly alternate with new releases every week. I have also tried to pick apps that cover various functions, so they are a wide choice, from video games to productivity, social media, and many others.

1. Gmail and Google Calendar

Now, I know this may not be very exciting to a few. This is a piece of a no-brainer for me, as I live via my Gmail account. So, having instant access to this and multiple accounts is a must. Since Android is a Google software, Gmail works seamlessly, as one might assume.

2. Tweet Deck

I even have Friend Stream, but I accept it as true that it is an HTC cell phone app that converges popularity updates from Facebook and Twitter. Tweetdeck does a similar issue: it allows you to see what is happening on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Buzz, all from one display screen. With consistent notifications when updates are made. You can also update your reputation to all your debts at once with one single update.

3. Goggles

So this is one of those laughs but convenient apps from Google Labs. It searches with the aid of photos, taking a picture of which it does a Google search based on the evaluation of that image. It also works on barcodes and QR codes (the one’s bizarre black and white pattern squares you notice). See a product, take a picture, and it’ll come up with an Amazon price for that product or associated merchandise.

4. WordPress

This is firmly in the Productivity phase. I have several WordPress blogs, and this super application allows me to update my blog directly, add posts and pages, test comments, and see your visitor records, all at the same time as sitting on the beach. It allows more than one blog and is straightforward to replace them.

5. Evernote

OK, I recognize that it’s miles any other under the Productivity banner, but this is an Android App version for those familiar with what Evernote does. Evernote is like a web notepad, where you can shop clippings, notes, and pictures online. This software lets you take pics, write letters, or even report audio messages and upload them to your Evernote account. For example, see something you want to blog about, take a photograph, and add it to Evernote with a single click. It does require an Evernote account, which is free to join up to www.Evernote.Com

6. Tomcat

Here is a bit of sublimely ridiculous mild alleviation. I first saw this on an iPad, and the idea became hilarious. It became one of the first apps on my cell phone after I determined it in the Android Apps Market. It is largely your lively digital cat with a largemouth. Stroke the display screen wherein his stomach is, and he purrs. Click the milk icon and then beverages milk. There is even an icon in which he appears to scratch the display. My five-year-old vintage daughter loves this, and the killer issue is if you say something, then Tomcat repeats it in a silly voice. It is one of those matters that one has to play with to recognize completely. My words right here do not do it justice. Paid versions have ways extra animations, but the loose model is lots of a laugh.

7. YouTube

This is an excellently designed software. It offers YouTube in a consumer-pleasant and accessible way. It could hyperlink automatically along with your account when you have a Gmail account so that you can get the right of entry to your channels and movies without problems.

8. Google Maps

Excellent navigation function with Google Maps and Latitude allows those who can get admission to your Latitude account to recognize precisely where you’re. It is like having a sat-nav in your hand. You can also download Google’s Streetview to go along with it.

9. Amazon Kindle

While a cell phone might no longer be the best tool to read “War and Peace,” Amazon Kindle is extraordinary for buying and reading books from Amazon on your Smartphone. The reading experience will vary depending upon the clever phone you have got; however, if you do not like carrying books around or want to catch up on some reading time, this is particularly encouraged. The pages flick past nicely, and it works properly. The app takes you directly to Amazon Keep, where you can look for Kindle book purchases and download them immediately.

10. Last FM

When it involves taking note of the tune, I get bored with being attentive to the equal antique tracks. The splendor of Last FM is that it “learns” what you like and creates your playlist based totally on your tastes, So paying attention to music stays fresh. It depletes bandwidth because of streaming, so be careful how much you operate if not linked through wi-fi.