Intellectual Property Day and girls’s role


The World Intellectual Property Day in Vietnam in 2018 has been scheduled to be located in Hanoi on April 21.

The event also targets to elevate public awareness of intellectual assets and the role of women in the formation and improvement of the creative network and financial system.April 26 changed into chosen as the date for World Intellectual Property Day because it coincides with the date on which the Convention Establishing the World Intellectual Property Organisation entered into pressure in 1970.


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What is an Intellectual Property (IP)?

The concept of property is something we all understand. Take real estate. Property is a home, a strip mall, a commercial building or farmland. You can touch it, walk on it and live in it. Pretty simple concept. Property is something real, ergo, real estate.

An intellectual property is different. It usually begins as an idea, takes form and becomes a book, a film, a game, a TV show or something else that people read, watch, play or otherwise recognize. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) defines intellectual property this way:

“Intellectual property relates to items of information or knowledge, which can be incorporated in[to] tangible objects at the same time in an unlimited number of copies at different locations anywhere in the world. The property is not in those copies but in the information or knowledge reflected in them. Intellectual property rights are also characterized by certain limitations, such as limited duration in the case of copyright and patents.”

An IP differs from real property in several key ways. An IP is the product of imagination – a very difficult thing to measure or define. An IP is more easily stolen, pirated or just plain ripped off. In fact, certain countries in the world have no intellectual property agreements across international borders so you can buy a pirated copy of the latest blockbuster on the streets of Beijing today – BEFORE it premieres in U.S. theaters.

Like a house or other property, an intellectual property can be bought and sold. It happens every day. An intellectual property can be sold lock, stock, and barrel, or sold off in parts, which usually delivers increased revenue to the owner of an intellectual property.

For example, rights to a copyrighted book can be sold off in many different formats: North American distribution rights, large-print rights, one-time serial rights, sole source rights, audio-book rights, film rights – the owner of a copyright can sell various types of rights as long as the sale doesn’t conflict with rights agreements already in place.


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Working Women and Their Problems

How a good deal ever we debate about same rights for women there’s usually room for discrimination and lack of confidence amongst the society we stay in. Why this difference? Women too are able to work with willpower and attaining a threat to live with admire and dignity. There is an equal balance of skills, spark, electricity to address the corporate pressures and technical competency in girls as well. Managing one’s family and one’s running life isn’t a smooth venture. Women have to take care of each non-public and professional existence and give it identical importance. Both are the top priorities, they cannot be partial with either of the 2. It requires titanic hard work, dedication, and persistence to deal with these both lives at the same time giving their 100%.

But the story does no longer stop right here, place of business obstacles and pressures, in addition, complicates the situation and begin on the recruitment stage itself. Dealing with gender bias troubles and sexual harassment are principal troubles within the company world via which women have to live on. Also, each character offers with a state of affairs in a one of a kind manner. The purpose stays the identical however simply the implementation of the strategy adjustments which could be very obvious as people can by no means suppose the same. The truth that ladies can also think practically and cope with hard situations is but not absolutely established by our society as they’re yet skeptical regarding this issue.

One of the most shameful and coronary heart-wrenching mission a lady faces is sexual harassment in her place of work. This act can make a woman feel offended, humiliated or even intimidated. This is a universal issue and yet initiated as even in ultra-modern times a girl is considered to be among the inclined section of the society. Asking for sexual favors and different verbal or bodily harassment can also compel a girl to surrender and therefore lose her job as well as her identity. This is generally because the victims worry to record to the better authorities and problem a complaint concerning the same.

All women in the company quarter have attempted to show their credibility once in a while. We have seen that proper hard work is favored via earnings to enhance or a merchandising but in the case of a woman there’s an extraordinary chance of getting a same pay for the equal function. Due to great performances even though a woman is given a better position there is gossiping concerning the compromises she has to have made to earn this position. This definitely exhibits a stereotypical thinking that has been prevailing considering the fact that ages.

Equal Pay for Equal Work –

Comparable really worth is a principle that states that folks who perform work of the same cost have to get hold of comparable tiers of repayment no matter gender, ethnicity, nationality etc, however excluding legally allowable variations which include degree of performance, seniority, area primarily based allowances etc.

Jobs have an organization cost that may be measured and in comparison across jobs of extensively differentiated content. Tools together with job assessment can be used to provide an explanation for these differences in terms of stages of work, capabilities, abilities, period of schooling and the amount of responsibility and many others.








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In the united states, in spite of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, it’s far prison to discriminate in pay if the activity of one isn’t always precisely equal to the paintings of another. Critics of same pay for equal work argue that comparable pay for comparable work (comparable well worth) would be some distance extra powerful in addressing gender pay variations inside the USA. Comparable really worth implies “evaluating” in preference to a precise degree of equality. Employers continuously examine jobs internally thru task evaluation and externally via repayment and benefit surveys.






In the USA this principle applies largely to gender-based pay discrimination. However what approximately expatriate pay? Expatriate compensation normally uses domestic salary as the basis of an assignee’s pay. For example, examine two similarly professional, experienced and performing expatriates doing work of identical value, aspect by using side, in a 3rd united states of America. The expatriate from a higher paying / better value of residing USA earns greater than their colleague from a lower paying / lower price of residing USA. Does it imply that the 2 expatriates should be paid the identical quantity to attain the principle of similar really worth?

Comparable really worth seeks to make certain similar pay for comparable paintings. The fact is that every greenback earned via the expatriate from the decrease price of dwelling united states will cross similarly in their domestic united states than it’ll for his or her colleague. To ensure that the principle of similar well worth is carried out it is essential to make sure that salary buying power parity (SPPP) is performed.

SPPP calculates how plenty you want to earn in any other location to make amends for the price of living, problem, and change fee variations, for you to have the same relative spending power and as an end result have a similar widespread of the dwelling as you have got on your current area.

No enterprise can pay the marketplace fee, because there’s no single universally usual, appropriate fee for any job. Actual pay is encouraged by using market associated targets, competition, belief, retention fears, condition, and legacy. Expatriate pay is similarly influenced by the value of living, complication and change price differences. Whether we have comparable pay for comparable work or same pay for same paintings or maybe equal pay for equal paintings the precept is equal. People who carry out paintings of same value ought to be rewarded equally without discrimination. In the case of expatriates, this means revenue purchasing power parity.