Pro Tips to hire quality piano movers


After working for so many years, you bought a piano to serve your passion. Isn’t it?

Or maybe you bought it because of your interest in learning the piano. Being its owner, you want it to be taken care of as a precious possession. Even many of your sentiments might be attached to it. Whatever it is for relocation, you want it to be moved safely to another place. At that time, hiring a quality piano mover can be the best decision because you may mess it up if you do it by yourself.

piano movers

Additionally, it is essential to hire a pro because pianos are very heavy. An experienced piano mover company knows how to disassemble it carefully and then assemble it again at your new place. But before hiring a mover, few tips need to be kept in mind.

1. Experience of movers

Experience matters a lot. No one can perform the task assigned better than an experienced man. An expert knows how things will work because they had dealt with different types of pianos beforehand. So when you hire professional piano movers for relocation, you can rest easy. But it doesn’t mean that you have to hire a company with more than ten years of experience; a few years of expertise will work.

2. Equipment used for relocation

The most important thing that needs to be checked is if the movers have enough range of the latest equipment to relocate the piano. No person can move the piano without equipment. Special moving means like dollies and moving straps are required to transfer the piano. Sometimes cranes are also needed to move heavy pianos. There has to be a truck so that any sized piano can be moved easily to a new place.

3. Hire trained persons only

Whenever hiring piano movers, don’t forget to ask if they have enough training or not. While the training period, movers are taught how to move the piano without damaging it and even without harming themselves. Do not forget to give a tip to the movers if you liked their work. Appreciation is a must.

4. Check license and insurance of the company

Verify if the government has permitted the company or not. For this, the license and insurance papers should be checked. It will give you a sigh of relief that you have given your piano in the hand of an expert.

5. Ask for a quote

Do not forget to get a quote in which all the costing estimates of relocation will be included. With this, you can have an idea of the expenditure on piano transfer. A quality mover will surely provide you the one. These were the five tips by a pro to hire quality piano movers. They can surely help you get a quality service and lead to a successful transfer of the piano. All you have to do is follow these tips while selecting a company that provides piano transfer services.