Useful Tips to Successfully Crack the Job Interview


Have you just received an email or a call from the HR department of your dream company regarding an interview? If so, congratulations! Getting shortlisted for an interview is good, but it’s just the first round of interviews. First, you need to ensure that you’re not going to enter the premises of your dream company for the first and the last time.

It’s normal to experience anxiety and sleeplessness before your job interview. Most job applicants suffer from job interview fear or phobia, but overcoming this fear makes all the difference. For most jobs, your interview performance determines your chances of landing your dream job. It’s the first and often the only opportunity to leave a great first impression. In addition, an interview allows you to sell yourself as the best candidate for the applied job position. So, if you want to bag your dream job, here are some effective tips to look confident and successfully crack a job interview.

Job Interview

Get to Know the Company

Ideally, it would help to begin your preparation by researching the company. It is effortless for the interviewers to find out how well you know their organization. If you just Googled the company a few minutes before the interview, your interviewer will find out. And this will leave an awful impression because the interviewer will assume that you’re unthinkingly applying for several positions at every other company. So, do your homework by looking at the company website, press releases, business partners, social media accounts, organizational history, products/services, and more. All this information will make you look more confident during the interview and create an impression that you’re genuinely interested in the position.

Update Your Resume

The next important step is to modify your resume to match the job description. This doesn’t mean providing false information but including the right keywords. It is essential that you carefully read the job description and include the mentioned skills, such as “detail-oriented” and “organized” in your CV. The purpose is to match your skills with the job description. However, remember that you will be asked questions during the interview, so be prepared. You may also explain each skill by mentioning how you used the particular trait/skill in your previous job. While updating your resume, never say anything false because the interviewer will find it out.

Correct Body Language

To make a lasting impression, you must pay attention to your body language. Sometimes, even the most qualified and experienced candidates fail to crack an interview because of the wrong body language. However, your body language is a powerful tool that helps to send the right messages through movements and expressions. Postures and body movements are unconscious forms of expression, and interviews pay close attention to them. In addition, your gestures and movements can tell much about your personality. So, dress properly, sit straight, look in the interviewer’s eyes, and speak confidently.