Travelling Cirque du Soleil act appears like ‘an ant colony’

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Journeying bands constantly want to portray themselves as a circle of relatives, and pretty regularly they’ll keep in mind every person in the Visiting part to be individuals of that extended family. Roadies, mild people, and sound men can be a chunk lower at the totem pole, but they’re still a relation of sorts.

Maximum bands, but, encompass just a few humans. There’s a reason a massive van can delivery Most fledgling rock and punk acts. What takes place whilst there’s a much bigger production? Do they nonetheless sense that closeness as they upload heaps of miles to the car speedometer each week?

According to “Ovo” publicist Nicolas Chabot, even a visiting birthday celebration of one hundred people can sense like a giant family. “Journeying a Cirque du Soleil show is kind of like becoming a colony. We’re from 21 one of a kind international locations. It’s simply an experience anyone running collectively and living within the same resorts as we change cities each week. We clearly stay like an ant colony.”

No longer that this kind of huge enterprise doesn’t have its proportion of complications. “One hundred human beings going to a brand new city every week is surely an assignment,” admits Chabot. “We travel both through bus or constitution flight, so it’s always a terrific puzzle.”
Chabot additionally chuckles as he talks about how this type of huge institution of human beings manage to differentiate all and sundry’s region. “We’ve 50 artists which can be all one of a kind insects within the tour, we call them as insects. Like the trampoline and tumbling, artists are crickets, so we communicate approximately them as if they’re crickets. It’ll be like ‘oh yeah, We have three crickets lacking’ if we’re at a practice session or some thing. Or ‘you should go ask one of the ants what they think about that.’ We don’t realize that it’s taking place, but it’s how we turn out to be talking about our insects on an excursion” Web Posting Pro.

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“Ovo” become first performed through Cirque du Soleil in 2009, and this is how Chabot sums up the storyline. “It’s the day within the existence of a worm’s colony. It’s the tale of a colony that lives peacefully all collectively. At some point, there’s this funky blue fly that arrives with a large egg on his back. No one knows who he’s. We like to name him the ‘hunky stranger from Big apple’ who arrives in a small town. He falls in love with the ladybug of the colony. It’s sort of a romantic comedy. He has to show to the relaxation of the colony that he deserves the affection of the ladybug.”

one of the individuals of this “own family” is bassist/cellist Nathan Lerohl, who lately chatted with “Link” approximately No longer handiest his time with “Cirque” but his musical background before he joined the touring roadshow.

Question: What turned into your first musical love?

Answer: I’m Now not certain, precisely. I don’t forget whilst I used to be in grade school we had this lady that would come, and he or she showed us all the instruments. a form of like how they worked, and how the contraptions functioned within the ensemble. while she first took out a stringed tool and played it with a bow, that become the type of my first second of me realizing “yeah, I honestly like that. I Like the manner that that sounds. I Just like the way it looks. The whole lot approximately it.” That was my first form of “aha” moment wherein I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

Q: I’d want to pay attention a bit approximately how you ended up in Prague for a few years.

A: It becomes form of a funny component. I used to be finishing up my undergraduate diploma. I assume I had just completed, and a pal of mine and that I were sitting there one night. He became telling me how he had spent a summer in Prague. I stated, “permit’s cross look it up on-line”. We were searching for things, and I stated, “you already know what? allow’s buy a ticket there proper now.” We had been both kind of like, “yeah, allow’s do it”. So we bought the ticket off the cuff, spur of the instant. So we were given there, and that I had regarded a piece approximately Prague simply from studying a few track records in my undergrad. Mozart had resided there for awhile, and he cherished the town. It changed into virtually very critical, nearly like a Paris kind of thing, in its day.

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