Top Five Real Estate Listing Tips by Experts


We all know that a good property advertisement helps attract potential buyers and fetch better prices—the same holds for online house listings. A well-listed property with all the required details usually gets the maximum response and is sold faster than others. The buyer can get a fair idea of what is being offered and what advantages he can derive from the deal. A real estate listing is indeed the first impression the buyers have of you. And, if your property is priced right, described properly, and promoted correctly – you can make the best deal of your lifetime. So, if you have wished to sell your home for a long time now, here are a few tips to help you write a compelling listing and impress your customers.

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Think of a Catchy Headline

The first thing that sets your property apart from other sellers is the headline you use. It would help if you remembered that you have a single chance to get the buyer’s attention and do everything possible for the reader to visit your listing page. Don’t use typical headlines as used in real estate ads. Use powerful, descriptive words to evoke a response to get noticed.

Use a Relevant Opening Statement

Time is money, more than money. You only have a few seconds to get the buyer’s attention and make him take action further. So, ensure you reach the point straightaway in the first few statements. Understand the general mindset of buyers and mention the information they would probably ask for. Tell them what unique features they will get for an immediate positive impact.

Write an Accurate Description

Well, this does sound like a no-brainer, but the sellers, at times, ignore it purposely or unintentionally. Using words like ‘mansion,’ ‘huge,’ or ‘stupendous’ in a listing that shows a barely 1000 sq. ft house is misleading. Also, saying that your home is in great condition when leaking pipelines and a rotting deck is dishonest. So, own up to the flaws. Either pay for the repairs yourself or offer suggestions to fix them.

Choose Realistic Adjectives

Boasting about your average-looking and normal-sized property is not the way to go. I have seen many sellers going crazy with the words they use in the details of their property. It can be seen that they are trying too hard or distracting buyers from reality. Remember, you have to be creative and paint an interesting picture of your property, but not mention something that sounds too good to be true.

Conclude with Call-to-Action

Your potential buyers must know when and how to act to take the deal to the next step. You can convey a sense of urgency to sell (if there is one), but don’t be excited if you are open to waiting for more buyers to inquire. Ensure you mention your phone or email address at the end of the listing so that people recognize you are not playing around.