8 Cool Things About Blogging


Let’s first start with a number of the fantastic matters about blogs. When blogs started, they have been visible as private diaries – even though this is not the case anymore, you may nonetheless discover blogs that include personal components of someone’s existence. Nowadays, blogs are especially an area in which one posts VALUABLE facts – and I can’t pressure sufficient the value within the phrase ‘Valuable’ – blogs are NOT an area where one writes rubbish and scammed articles this the lifestyles of the blog can be very quick-lived. Readers don’t go to blogs to study continuously about this. That product, where the writer is pushing a sale – until the posts are professional critiques, wherein the reader can benefit from analyzing the put up.



1. They are alive. Whereas conventional websites are static, blogs are constantly changing – and this depends on how often the ‘author’ provides pages and posts to the blog. Once there is constantly valuable information being delivered to a blog, readers preserve coming to the blog to read the latest put up, they will even subscribe to the feed, depart comments, and so on – and finally, the ‘creator’ is considered as the-character-to-pass-to in his / her area of interest.

2. They are interactive. I write a submit, a person leaves a remark, I remark lower back, some other individual leaves a remark, I comment lower back, and on and on it goes. There may be a experience of something ‘alive’ backstage within blogs since there may be communication going on – not like with traditional websites. And human beings LOVE leaving and analyzing remarks, mainly while the ‘author’ feedback back. I actually have visible blogs wherein the submit was written 3 years lower back, and people are nevertheless leaving feedback. The greater feedback one has, the extra the weblog is viewed as professional and the ‘writer’ as a professional, as it’s the way humans psychologically assume.

3. Posts are located in an ‘archive.’ Your posts will still be reachable and ‘pulled’ by using search engines like google while someone’s researches considered one of your keywords – even years on. So all of the tough paintings that one puts into writing articles will not die after a few days or months. In addition, the posts go in data, and you can actually effortlessly get admission to them through a seek field, or by class or date, thru your blog. So, even though at the page of your weblog in which you have got your posts, there might seem like only a few posts, on the lower back, there are hundreds of easily available articles. So possible spend hours on a terrific weblog.

4. Easy to create & replace. Another positive matter about blogs is that one does not want to recognize any html or special pc ‘language’ to create a weblog. Nowadays, it’s so easy to build a weblog and to update it regularly. Therefore, I favor self-hosted blogs wherein you personal the weblog, in place of a blog in which it’s miles hosted some other place where you don’t have any control. Although building any such weblog (self-hosted) takes a piece more time and resolution, it is really worth the effort, knowing that you could absolutely personalize it the way you need and which you own. In addition, it’s miles straightforward to feature pix, links to social media money owed, videos, audio recordings, recorded schooling calls, shopping carts, boards…


5. Your blog is your voice. The blogger or ‘creator’ has general manage on what records to give out and what sort of message he/she desires to bypass onto his / her readers. Moreover, the blogger usually chooses a subject that she/he wants to write approximately – commonly, a weblog revolves around 1 subject matter, and the blogger additionally chooses whether to weblog as a hobby, component-time, or as a expert – the distinction being the number of articles posted per week, the quantity of time spent at the weblog every week and therefore how good deal money is to be earned from the weblog.

6. Can be a stand-alone commercial enterprise. Those who weblog professionally earn earnings from their blogs. There are numerous ways to monetize one’s blog – I will be dedicating a future article managing ‘Monetizing Your Blog.’

7. Blogs can complement an offline existing business. Keeping a weblog can assist your enterprise in appearing as a leader inside your industry. In addition, prospective clients can examine your blog, interact, and purchase services and products from you.

8. Can beautify your career. Through your blog, and for this reason more visibility, you could enjoy fine modifications to your profession and business and construct recognition for management to your particular industry.


1. One has to dedicate. If you want your readers to hold coming back for greater, their desire to be articles or another type of statistics frequently posted for them to examine, as otherwise, your blog will die a sluggish certain demise. Depending on your motive for running a blog, you must clearly indicate how often you must publish a new article. I suggest at least 2 posts weekly – or you may cross down the direction of having a ‘solid’ post weekly and other small supporting articles the rest of the week.

2. Too non-public. One has to stability out what to put in writing. Some humans preserve it a strictly commercial enterprise, even though a whole lot of readers like analyzing blogs because it makes the blogger human – so a few might determine to put in a chunk of private facts. One needs to be prudent and sensible about what records to vicinity on one’s blog – you do not want your reputation, enterprise, or profession to be put in jeopardy.

3. Hot subjects. The same goes for debatable and radical subjects – one has to weigh honestly nicely what to jot down approximately. It’s OK to place your opinion approximately a person or something; however, it takes into account that an excessive amount of negativity will get uninteresting after a while, and a blog can be potentially considered via 1.6 billion humans.

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4. Too a good deal unsolicited mail. I bring up this topic once more, as it’s miles the idea of an amazing blog with many visitors and subscribers and a ‘ghost’ weblog. People search the internet for treasured statistics – the extra ‘unfastened’ value you can give your readers, the more they’ll visit again and again. Then after you build a dating and are considered a ‘professional’ on your subject, you can start looking for ways to monetize your blog.