1-1.Five Cent Health Care For Recessionary Times


Now that the fitness care reform bill has been signed into law, and Americans are justifiably concerned that health insurance premiums will increase, there may be a 1-half-cent solution to rising premiums. We’ve all been instructed that the brand new fitness care reform regulation changed into imagined to decrease coverage premiums with the aid of 14% to 20% — thereby making medical health insurance lower priced for absolutely everyone. But if you check the great print, reduced insurance premiums apply simplest to folks who determine they want to hold the low-value, “skimpier” varieties of rules.

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The preferred consensus is that the new law virtually ensures that medical health insurance rates will upward thrust even more – in place of becoming extra lower priced. The Congressional Budget Office stated that coverage charges for human beings shopping for their personal coverage would move up using a 10 to 13 percentage median. Based on the forecasts of different analysts, charges will upward thrust even better – to the song of 30 to 45 percent. Imagine what YOU would be paying if your coverage rates increased using 30 to forty-five percent.

Americans are sharply divided on the new health care law, but one factor is for certain: Many provisions within the health care regulation bring with them serious outcomes. And we may not recognize their complete effect until the provisions begin in the year 2014. For instance, the regulation cuts Medicare by $500 billion, and 10 million seniors who get their insurance thru Medicare Advantage’s non-public plans (about 22 percent of Medicare enrollees) may be stripped of their insurance… Or could have their Medicare advantages decreased.

But that might not rely much on because the Obama administration itself has forecasted that Medicare — the agreement with a fund that pays sanatorium payments for aged Americans — is expected to expire of cash in 2017. Moreover, many agree that Medicare is already broke now — and that unbeknownst to the American public, the authorities have begun using the overall federal tax finances to pay for senior citizens’ Medicare benefits. What’s even greater alarming is that in line with many assets, the Social Security trust fund, which has been forecasted to absolutely run out of money in 2037, is already strolling a deficit now. And there may be no telling how long the government will retain supplying Social Security benefits and services.

One glaring thing this is lacking in the new health care regulation is that not anything has been carried out to fix the double-digit upward spiral in health care expenses… And that in itself is a recipe for catastrophe. What could we do if there comes a time while we can not rely on Medicare and Social Security? And what if you’re a senior citizen who is already SICK... And you have no income to pay for healthcare? What would happen if medical doctors and hospitals turned you away on the door because they have no assurance they’ll get paid for offerings that they’ll provide you?

It’s a terrifying concept… However, each American over the age of 40 ought to recall and discover an answer. In the approaching years, common citizens can in no way make sure that their future fitness care desires may be met. Neither will they’ve any manipulate as to whether or not they will obtain fitness care blessings from the authorities… Or how much coverage they will need to pay. The only aspect over which they can exercising manipulate is their health.

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This begs the query: What good is medical insurance anyway – although you can afford the premiums? Having good enough health insurance (or is included with the aid of public fitness care) is the best way that the price of your hospital treatment could be protected if you get sick. Wouldn’t or not it’s infinitely better in case you failed to get unwell at all? 15,000 European health practitioners utilize an easy therapy for healing tens of millions of patients of all sicknesses. This remedy has been used efficaciously for over a hundred and seventy years. It can be the first-rate way to ensure your health, particularly in those unsure economic instances. It also protects you in opposition to rising health insurance charges and will hold you from having to depend upon a fitness care device that won’t adequately cowl your wishes. This scientifically proven therapy, which includes using a herbal oxygenating substance, creates surroundings in the frame in which sickness can’t thrive. This then enables the body to cure itself of practically any ailment. For example, research has shown that cancerous tumors shrink inside the presence of this natural oxygenating substance, and this substance inhibits the growth of different tumors and ailment tissues as properly.

One motive fitness care costs preserve to enhance out of control is that modern scientific research is focused on the incorrect reasons of ailment. For example, some declare that viruses, microbes, germs, or harmful microorganisms are the motive of cancer, diabetes, heart disorder, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and different illnesses. Others say it’s the pollutants inside the food we devour, the air we breathe, and the materials we devour. And still, others say it’s our genes or stress that reason us to gather ailment. Because this big selection of theories has proliferated for hundreds of years, the process of “curing” disease – and health renovation in well-known — has become a complex and highly-priced proposition. And consequently, medical health insurance premiums have escalated as well.

Madison Cavanaugh, creator of The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases, claims that the number one bodily motive of all diseases is connected in a single manner or every other to oxygen deficiency. She states that once the human frame is provided with plentiful quantities of oxygen, all cancer cells, viruses, harmful bacteria, toxins, pathogens, and disorder microorganisms are killed because they can’t survive in excessive oxygen surroundings.

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Cavanaugh, in addition, states that for oxygen to eliminate disorder, it should be delivered no longer just to the lungs — and now not just to the bloodstream — however to the cells and tissues of the frame. That’s why different oxygen-based remedies — along with oxygenated water, oxygen-wealthy foods or dietary supplements, or remedies that release oxygen into the bloodstream — are not constantly effective in treating disease. The herbal remedy she recommends stimulates the movement of oxygen atoms from the bloodstream to the cells to a dramatically extra degree than is generally reached with the aid of another approach. Because the moreover, becauserges the handiest 1-half cents a day to self-administer at domestic, it can be the most low-cost health insurance everybody can have.